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Veganism on the Finnieston Strip

The vegetable selection outside Roots & Fruits. 

Finnieston is a part of Glasgow that holds a special place in my heart. When I first moved here in 2012 it was the location of my first full-time job and the hotel I briefly stayed in before my flat on the Southside was ready. Being one of the first Glasgow areas I was able to explore, I immediately started looking for some vegan friendly establishments. And boy, have I found some. 

Roots and Fruits
Let's just get the obvious choice out the way first. Roots and Fruits is the health store of choice for the West End vegans and is where I spent many a pay day whilst I worked in the area. Acting as both a shop and a deli, you can purchase some of your store cupboard essentials whilst picking up a sandwich or a pot of vegan split pea curry for your lunch. Oh, and their sandwiches are stuffed full to the brim. 

The 78
And the other obvious choice is second up. Located just off the Finnieston Strip on Kelvinhaugh Street this is a 100% vegetarian café which also doubles up as a bar. I'll admit out of all the vegan places in Glasgow - there are a fair few - this is the one I find myself in least. But I know some vegans who think this is the best one out of the lot so take my previous statement whichever way you want. 

Piece Sandwich Monger
Marketed a gourmet sandwich monger, the sandwiches in Piece don't come cheap but you will struggle to find a tastier bread experience in Glasgow (or further afield). Piece is not strictly vegan, but their falafel sandwich is delightful (but remember to clarify that you don't want mayo!). 

The Kitchen
With pink door frames and a lovely typeface, The Kitchen is a small café which pays attention to the details. And these details also include options for their vegan and gluten-intolerant customers. They have a new vegan filling available for their paninis and each time I've been in there's been a vegan soup available. 

The Hidden Lane Tearoom
Shockingly enough, you'll have to keep a beady eye open for this one. Whilst it's not vegan per sé they do sometimes have a vegan cake on. And lots of tea (which is always a good thing). 

Cailin's Sushi
As a life long sushi lover (okay, since I was 18) I'm always on the look out for places that serve good veggie sushi (we are educated about food enough to known sushi has nothing to do with fish?). Cailin's Sushi has plenty of options for the plant eaters of Glasgow and all comes at a really good price. 

Did we think this post was only going to be about food? Hell no, 'cause ethics go beyond what goes in our mouths! Finnieston's well known hair salon, Blow, recently ordered in the Manic Panic hair dye range allowing the babes of the West End to add some vegan colour to their locks. 

Where's your favourite place to eat vegan on the Finnieston Strip? Have I missed somewhere fantastic?

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