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My first few purchases from Pixi Beauty

I had been meaning to try Pixi Beauty for a while. I had read good things about their products, never had any reason to doubt their cruelty-free status and knew their packaging would look great in my make-up bag. But it took me until two months ago to make the jump, and that jump was only encouraged by most of my make-up running out. And because it was running low I stuck my purchase to 'essentials' (mascara is an essential Iwillhaveyouknow).

Pixi Lash Line Ink
This was my original motivation for making a Pixi purchase, after hearing Lily Melrose singing praises about it It is incredibly easy to apply with a thin nub making it really difficult to apply too much and really easy to 'draw' the shape you want on your lash line. It's really good for people like me who suit only a thin line of winged eyeliner  (I love the thick heavy winged eyeliner on other people, but it looks ridic on my small eyes). However the staying power was less than I was expecting which caused a lot of pouting as I had really loved this product up until then! I'll probably finish this product but not re-purchase when it runs out.

Pixi Big Lash Mascara
I'll admit straight up that I didn't like this at all. Aside from colouring my eyelashes back it did very little else. In fact, I might have well as not been wearing mascara.

Pixi Waterproof Eyemaker Remover
Whilst this was bought on a bit of an ahh-and mhhmm whim it has ended up on my highly recommended list. I don't wear a heavy amount of make-up day-to-day (primer, foundation concealer, mascara and eyebrows) but this has become the pefect way to sweep it off my face. It's water based and didn't sting my eyes in the slightest. It's not the best for heavy make-up though, meaning I had to use a lot of if for my night time face (lipstick, contouring, eyeliner, eyeshadow etc).

Have you tried anything from the Pixi line? What did you think?

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