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Review: Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

Today I am going to review one of my favourite beauty products ever. Anyone who has known me a while, or has looked at me properly, will probably know that I take nail care seriously and that nail varnish is a very important part of my 'look'. I have been painting my nails since I first hit secondary school (before I was even wearing make-up on my face!) and cuticle cream/butter/lotion has been part of my beauty regime for possibly six years now. 

I was in Lush randomly (prior to my Lush obsession beginning) without any products in mind when I came across this. As someone who loves nails I obviously had to pick up the tester and immediately I fell in love. Right there in the shop I was able to see an immediate softness in the skin surrounding my nails. 

Admittedly my cuticles are in no dire need of repair - they are fairly neat and my nails grown quickly with just a bit of help from Sally Hensen nail strengthener. However I'm very prone to hangnails. If I don't use cuticle cream for maybe three days a hangnail will appear and annoy me to no end (last birthday party I was at I had a hangnail and it annoyed me until I had consumed half a bottle of wine). Because of this I tend to take some kind of cuticle cream away with me on holiday. Cuticle cream also helps soften the cuticles so they can be pushed back - leaving a much neater shape for bright nail polish. 

This stuff also lasts for ages with 50g being in the tub. You don't exactly need a lot to do all ten fingers (and all ten toes - as I do) though as with all Lush products, it has a sell-by date which truthfully I ignore because if the product still works and isn't mouldy I'll keep going! And this still works and doesn't have green stuff - a year later. 

As the tub states it can be used on dry skin on heels and elbows too - which I use as an extra layer of moisture on these area on top of my regular body moisturiser. My skin on my body is naturally soft (I'll go as far to say the natural softness of body is one of my favourite features) so if you have really dry patches I can't vouch for how well this will work for you. 

The only negative thing I will say that it does take a while to dry and the formulae is quite oily. Though for the softness it provides my nails and it's ability to keep hangnails at bay (if used daily) makes that a small significant point in my view. 

Overall I cannot speak more highly of this product and thoroughly recommend it and imagine it will eventually land up in my re-purchased products category. 

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