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How I Looked: H&M Neon Birds

Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Converse

Excuse the pissed off look in my face hahaha! And the hunched shoulders. 

This is my last in the "I bought and wore these in Dundee but didn't have my tripod so re-fashioned the outfits in my parent's back garden one night" series. Though I will need to get my interview outfit from last week up! 

Aside from the leopard print converse I found the outfit all in H&M after a day of shopping with little success and almost hating everything that was in the shops. It may already be well known that I love brights and neons (considering I graduated in a neon pink dress) so it was no guess I was drawn to this top. There is a skirt that uses the exact same material which I had spotted a Facebook friend wearing with a black top. However as I am no fan of a long skirt I decided to buy the top, teaming it with one of many designs from H&M's skirt range. 

I didn't mange to get a good picture of it the night I went into the garden to re-create four outfits but this instagram captures the ring I purchased that week from Maggie's Farm - a boutique in Dundee filled with absolute gems of accessories and clothing! 

Also ignore the grubby converse. I was heading to my favourite alternative nightclub in Dundee.

Lots and lots of boutique shop and converse love!

Morag x
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