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Re-Purchased: Lush Herbalism Cleanser

I've always been in two-minds about reviewing skin care stuff on my blog - and usually ignore reviews on others - because skin-care is such an objective thing. That St Ives Apricot scrubs so many bloggers and "real-life folk" keep going on about? Made my skin break out. However I felt I should give Herbalism a place on my blog as this was my miracle product. 

I began to develop spots before I hit high school and whilst I never had full on acne I certainly had noticeably  oily skin. Sitting down and anxiously waiting for my teenager years to pass certainly helped (as well as going on the contraceptive pill) but then the hang-up came from the acne scarring - they looked like spots that wouldn't budge. 

I had already tried two different cleansers in Lush which had given some relief - but this is the first I've re-purchased because it was a complete gem. It's green and spongy, which turns into a paste in the water and at first it really did feel like I was rubbing food on my face. Which was weird and did make me think I should purchase a different cleanser next time. But after a week of using it I noticed my skin clear up: my skin tone was more even, my "permanent spots" died down and I didn't develop one more spot whilst I was using it daily. I did start using the Cupcake mask at the same time and thought it might have been both together - but after I ran out of this and continued having a weekly facemask all the same I realised Herbalism had been the cause of my new clear skin. 

My skin however has in the past had a habit of adjusting to skin care products and then suddenly don't work any more. Especially natural ones - which on the flip side have always worked best on my skin. Time will tell if it clears up my skins for good or if I will have to switch to something else and then return to this. 

Skin type run down: prone to break-outs and have never not had a blackhead since I was 12. It is not oily to touch and has the odd dry patch. Uneven skin tone but has never been dull. Exfoliants tend to make my skin worse. Skin types are never simple! 

Lots  of natural cleansing love!
Morag x

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