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How I Looked: Graduation Dress

Dress: H&M
Shoes: New Look (but old!)

I graduated yesterday in the city centre of Dundee. The dress had been bought just the day before on a mad spree trying to find something. For a few weeks I had had my eye on the orange dress with cats on it from New Look that has been going about instagram - but only the t-shirt version was there on the day I went in. So the search continued. But deciding on a dress was difficult as it's a big day with loads of photos about and I decided to go get my robe and try on all the dresses I had spotted with my full robe in the shop changing rooms. I found this beaut in H&M and knew it was right because turning up in a fluorescent pink dress to a formal graduation made me giggle. I'm not a very traditional person so needed something to make me giggle throughout.

I know a lot of university's insist on black whilst graduating but I was lucky in that mine didn't. However I was still one of the few to branch out. Even the art students didn't move too far away from blues, browns and greys if they did shun black. The other outfit that caught my eye was the guy who wore a kilt with Doc Martins. And then there were the computing students who wore suits with trainers! 

I had a great time at university with all the "extra-curricular" and social stuff that took place but truthfully I only made it to the end because I didn't have the balls to drop out. So my honest advice to anyone considering university is: do it for the right reasons and know what you want to do with your degree. And if you feel like your course isn't right, it probably isn't. I wish I had switched to something else or went and worked for a year instead. Other than that the last four years living in Dundee have been the best years of my life and I wouldn't changed them for the world ♥ (except maybe to have a different degree in my hands :/).

Lots and lots of love,
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