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A Vegan Valentine's

Love or hate it, Valentine's exists. I'll personally be flying out to Amsterdam on the 14th of February with my girl Hayley for a bit of palentines gallivanting. But, sssht, between you and me I'm actually a sucker for Valentine's Day and 'doesn't roll his eyes at cute teddies and refuses to go out for dinner' is pretty much high up there on my list of ideal-man-traits. 

But...a lot of stereotypical romantic stuff isn't by-default vegan. Chocolates with milk, alcohol with honey, candles with beeswax and...condoms with casein. I've not actually been in a relationship since going vegan (so my last few Valentine's have all been a bit dull) but clearly I've been daydreaming about a Valentine's spent with a hot vegan male as this list evidently shows (handy as it can be used as a gift guide, or something to plan a date at home with). 

1. Vegan wine
It's no secret that I'm a rum girl, but it's not a particularly romantic tipple and is usually vegan anyway. Vegan wine is a bit harder to come by and it will show a bit more effort if you buy in a high-end bottle with no animal by-products. Waitrose, Co-op, Marks & Spencer's and Sainsbury's have a good selection of veggie wines, however for something higher end check out the vegan section of Majestic Wine or have a look through Barnivore

2. Chocolates from Hotel Chocolate
I've mentioned before that I'm a savoury girl so 1) I'd marry a guy who brought a packet of crisps to our first date and 2) I'm therefore rubbish at recommending chocolates. But the vegan options in Hotel Chocolate look higher-end and come in nicer boxes than other brands on offer. So I'm going with that. 

3. Soya candles
Obviously a romantic evening isn't complete without some clichéd candles. Pacifica, Harper's Candles and BeeFayre all sell vegan candles. 

Regular condoms contain the animal protein casein, but being vegan is no excuse to not take your sexual health seriously. Also, if you're in need of some lube, YesYesYes has a water-based vegan option, and the Superdrug own brand is vegan suitable (I do spoil you guys, even in an overshare kind of way).

5. Eden perfumes
These were a recent addition to my perfume collection, and they are high-end and grown-up. Spritz some over yourself if you're going on a hot date.

6. A cup of tea
I know tea isn't seen as a typically romantic (or vegan) thing, but I like tea so it's staying in. I found this sweetheart tea on Etsy and Bluebird Tea Co. have a section of their website dedicated to romantic brews.  

7. Lush vegan Valentine's products
Roll up, roll up, it's the blogger cliche but their products are godly and perfect to lather up in the tub together. You can pick up what would work best for you and your sweet, but don't be this girl. Har har.

8. A meal out
If you're looking to take you sweetheart out for a meal, and you live in Glasgow, I'd recommend 13th Note or Red Onion for some Valentine's Day nosh. Okay, I've never actually been to these places on that particular date but they've always been my venue of choice when I'm looking for a formal sit-down kind of meal.

9. A cute vegan themed card
You can remind them that they are the nutritional yeast to your macaroni cheese, or your favourite herbivore. Or you can get a boring one from Clinton's.

10. Have a romantic break to a vegan B&B
While 100% vegan B&Bs still aren't a common occurrence, we are lucky that the UK has a few of them. There's Loaf B&B just south of the border, Fox Hall in Cumbria. and Bay Tree Vegan Hotel right in the south of England. There's also VegVisits which is essentially AirBnB for vegans.

11. A personalised pot of Marmite
I was hesitant to include this as, while Marmite is vegan within itself, it is owned by Unilever - who are pretty much as un-vegan as you can get (I buy the Tesco own-brand). But it's cute, so do what you like.

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