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In which you'd think I was a novice baker

We all screw up at something we're supposedly good at occasionally. Don't we?

Well I certainly did. Thankfully my attempts at Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes (via With Sprinkles On Top) were not for a bake sale or anyone else's mouth. Just my own but I don't even think I want to go that far. 

First there was the cake mixture itself. Standing there with my electric mixer for ten minutes I was creaming in my head WHY AREN'T YOU CREAMING? Before realising it was because I was trying to cream together flour and butter, rather than sugar and butter (as it is in 

And the icing? Well before starting I didn't even check to see if the icing sugar to butter ratio in my cupboards was up to par. And it wasn't. I had more butter than sugar in the mix which led to it becoming stiff as tar and then a few splashes or milk later turned it mushy. And on top of it? I didn't sieve the sugar which led to it becoming lumpy. Hahaha - ha! 

Look at all those pumps - and chocolate that got into it! Mmmm, nommy! Or not!

Though I will give my recently purchased Cupcake Maker from Elegento top marks for perfectly formed and well-bakes cakes! 

Ever messed up something which is usually your area of expertise? 
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