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21 May 2011

Finding Memories As I Move Out

Today my mum is coming to my flat to take some belongings back to my parent's house before I move back up there after I completely finish third year (which I have, I just have a job and a few leaving parties to attend) at the end of this month.

Going through all my stuff I've found some great memories, some I had slightly forgotten about. I've done a lot this year and I think the knick-knacks I've collected show that.

 This is my main collection where I've been pinning tickets, leaflets, wrist bands and, uh, pants from certain events I've attended or things I took part in.

Back in February I did a charity hitch-hike (also known as a Jailbreak) and my team wore very sexy tiger onsies from Primark. These bad boys went from Dundee to Leeds (by train the whole way) within a weekend for free! The t-shirt was from a night out I had after a bad break-up in October. I met said friend the very same night I found out I had been left for someone and we later that week got these made. Mine said "cheerleader" on the back because whilst talking about dancing and cheerleading I came out with "Wait,  I'm a cheerleader, what the hell am I upset about?".

This is also a collection of other memories from charity events. I hosted an event, for a children's charity, called Night of Nostalgia. It wasn't a roaring success but still a worthwhile experience nonetheless. The fairy wings were from promoting the event, and we bypassed Tesco in them. ^_^. The Crayola crayon outfit in the background was what I wore to the event (the theme was anything from your childhood) and the Twister and the Girl Talk were games that were played at the event. The balloon is from another time when I was with a friend outside Tesco and it appeared in the sky from nowhere. I called it to "come down to me" and it did!

And here is my alcohol memories from the year. I drank more than this within this year but these carry memories for me. The Midouri is one of the many bottles my friend bought me after my break-up in October to cheer me up :) The Montana is a sparkling wine which my friend bought me for my birthday which I drank at a belated New Year's Eve Party. The other big bottle is Russian vodka which I bought for the Eurovision Party last week. And the Flugel is from a night out just three nights after my break-up which involved farrr too much alcohol (ways to get over a break-up: remind yourself that being a cheerleader makes you automatically awesome, design a t-shirt with boy hating/girl empowering slogans and drink until you pass out!).

All and all my best university year yet. I threw myself into a lot more and I'm glad I did. Maybe some bad things happened (i.e. homelessness, a big fall out with a friend and losing a boyfriend) but I think it changed me for the best and I truly believe that I am happier now than I was at the end of second year. 

Morag x

19 May 2011

Things I Love Thursday #7: My Perfect Day

This TiLT has a theme. Over a year ago I wrote a list of the elements which would make up my perfect day. And yesterday I think it may have come true. Maybe not completely true but enough so I went to bed with a smile.

First off I had a very productive day at work. As my job ends this months I began to tidy up loose ends and this included me being very busy with taking links posted on the Facebook wall and sorting them into various labelled notes (I really would fit in well with Virgos) and letting the HTML and CSS nerd in me come out as I designed a splash page - currently under construction. The amount of people who follow the Facebook carees page also went up by 10 people within this day (succeeding my target number of getting people to like the page). First thing to get ticked off - "a new Facebook friend, comment or tagged photo" even if it wasn't my personal account.  

Whilst at work I was also perusing blogs (so maybe not that productive) and came across uncultured critic, a film review blog, which impressed me enough to follow it. So "finding a new blog I like enough to subscribe to" was checked off.

After work I was due to meet my friend Andy. I've had a few little things come at me at once and needed some cheering up. He took me to the cinema for a film of my choice and I chose Attack the Block which was fantastic! I know a low-budge alien film doesn't sound great but it was hilarious and I think it was meant to be silly. Plus it showed some social commentary which is a long standing interest of mine. Ticked off  "experience something new and exciting" - a film counts as this :p

 Fun times in B&Q

We also went to Tesco because he wanted to look at the XBox Kinect, but not without a bypass to B&Q - which despite it's "dad" image ( in fact it reminded me of my dad) it is one of my favourite shops ever! It might not sell cupcakes or clothes but I love looking at the garden features and I started to play in the sheds. ^_^


Me posing in Arbroath

Afterwards we drove to the town of Arbroath but didn't stay long as the sun was beginning to set. However this was a beautiful town to watch the sun set in.  I probably have been to Arbroath at some point however I can't remember it being recently."Discovering a new place, even if it's just a coffee shop " - DONE!

I don't expect anyone to view this until the end - it's only to give an idea. Also excuse commentary.

Then we took a slight detour home in the dark. I love night time drives. I think one of the most beautiful sights is silhouettes against a fading twilight sky. We drove through a few of the small tiny villages that exist in this part of Scotland. Despite being a city girl through and through this was lovely to see and gave me a break from city life (which we all need sometimes). 

I have been recently feeling a bit regretful as I approach my final year as a student. I have been in Dundee for three years now and there's so much of Dundee I haven't seen! Granted, until I knew Andy nobody I knew owned a car but taxi's still exist.

Morag x

15 May 2011

How I Looked 14.06.2011 Eurovision Special

Russian Outfit:

I know this isn't exactly what you'd expect from a blog that classifies itself amongst the "fashion/cupcakes/make-up realm" but this was genuinely what I wore for last nights Eurovision. As you can probably (hopefully) tell I was representing Russia. I have mixed reviews on their entry, with me sometimes liking it, sometimes not, depending on when I hear it. My vote last night went to the winner Azerbaijan, with Denmark and Estonia being the other acts who nearly received it. 

Me and my friends kept talking about going to Eurovision next year and when Azerbaijan won I thought it sounded like a cool quirky place to visit 'cause it's not your normal holiday resort (I have no interest in going to Aiya Napa or Ibiza) but when I started researching it this morning I found out it's a pretty hard country to get into. And if you're Armenian (even by heritage) you can't get in at all due to the conflicts.between the two countries. The Eurovision song contest always has a political theme going through it but next year may be very political.

As for the outfit, it's definitely one of my favourite fancy dress pieces to date! I love fancy dress and am referred to as the "fancy dress queen" amongst my main group of friends. It grits on my nerves slightly when people don't take it seriously or "don't want to look stupid". In my honest opinion it's the people who don't partake and wear normal clothes to fancy dress parties who look more out of place. This posts has also been given a tag that is new for this blog "fancy dress" as I hopefully want to create more posts about this topic!

Morag x

11 May 2011

Careers Advice: LinkedIn Edition

As you may have gathered from previous posts I am employed by my university's Career Development Centre. Whilst I am not employed as a Career Advisor (and I am not a substitute for one) the amount of information I see whilst looking after their social media is pheneomenal. So I have decided to share my knowledge.

Because of the sheer volume of stuff I see I will need to break it down into smaller parts within a series. As we are all bloggers and naturally oh-so-wonderfully skilled with the modern day version of making friends, social media, I am going to start off with a run down of the professional networking site LinkedIn.

A snapshot of my LinkedIn profile that can be found here (feel free to network!)

As important as a traditional CV and covering letter are (you should never forget about those!) having a LinkedIn profile opens you up to new opportunities by allowing you to network, search for the woman that has your dream job and allow employers to find you. However caution cannot be forgotten about and one must remember some points. 

This is not Facebook or Twitter: However this depends on how you use Facebook or Twitter. My Facebook is completely private for a reason. Not only does it show my weekly and even daily movements (which would be a stalker's paradise) it's also where my drunken photos end up. Whilst I do not lead the most raucous of lifestyles, I still wouldn't want an employer seeing my drunken pout. It is sometimes recommended that you should link your Twitter to develop your personal brand however I choose not to. My Twitter is public but I use it to tell the world about the new dress I just purchased or what I ate for lunch. Whilst these tweets won't ruin my career they don't add much to it either. I may add it eventually, but not today. If you keep a professional approach on all social networking sites then link away, but if not keep it isolated. 

Make your headline stand out: The headline is the bit beside your profile picture. Whilst most people have it set as their current job title you have to ponder if this the best option. You may be a "Shop Assistant at Primark" but something tells me you're heading for bigger things than that, baby! What you want to be is much more ideal. "Final year Business Management Student on track for first-class honours" is much more likely to grab a HR professionals attention. Own your own small business? List that! Even if it's just an Etsy shop! Run a popular blog? You're editor in chief! I don't have an official job title where I work so I got creative and called myself a "Social Media Assistant" even though I'm regularly introduced as "the girl who updates the Facebook".

You have more experience than you think: One problem with a young person entering the job market is that you don't have nearly as much experience as that of a 40-year-old CEO with three degrees and a small dog walking business on the side. However if you think properly you can find the necessary experience! As I said Etsy, blogging and doing small freelance work counts as employment (even if it is unpaid, or pays very little). If you manage to create a popular blog than it shows communication (verbal if you do vblogs!) marketing skills, consumer awareness and creativity! The same with an Etsy shop. But again be careful that your blog reflects your professional image. I do not currently list "Editor-in-chief at Mo'Adore" as it currently isn't swarming with activity but may one day when I call it successful. Also think about societies you're involved in and helping hands you may have lent to friends.

However, you don't need to list everything: Like a traditional CV only put it on if it's relevant! When I first got LinkedIn I was going into my second year of university and had little experience so listed that time I helped pour juice at a kids club my mum helped at. Or the five day school work experience I did at a clothing store. I have now since removed them. If you are genuinely struggling to list experience then maybe you can take this as a sign to make some! 

Get over your "privacy" issues: LinkedIn shows where you went to school, what you current study and where you might work. Plus, any small business ventures you've done. You might have even included your grades. It's pretty transparent. As uncomfortable as this may make some people feel you have to accept that this is the 21st century and we are Generation Y. The world is changing and this is part of it. No one's asking you to start a blog showing the world what you wore every day but what's wrong with having relevant people know where you went to Secondary School? Very few people are raging murderous stalkers. Those who don't get Facebook miss out on fun events and important updates in friend's lives, and those not on LinkedIn miss out on possibly the career of their dreams!

Don't just leave it: Just cause you now have a LinkedIn profile with all details filled out, a fancy tagline and not linked to anything inappropriate doesn't mean Sir Alan is going to hire you! You need to connect. Add people you know: old classmates, work colleagues, old bosses, family, friends and people who have a foot in the door of the company you'd love to work for. Join groups about your industry and university. Follow companies you'd like to work for. Also remember to update it (it's recommended your status is updated every week with something career orientated).

Other Linkedin articles of interest:
Morag x

10 May 2011

Cute Pictures of Teacups!

I don't actually drink tea but I love looking at pretty teacups. strange? Nobody said you had to drink tea from them! And to share my love (and provide a break between outfit photos) here are some amazing teacups pictures I've found recently:

Found here:

Found here:

Found here:

Much love 
Morag x

9 May 2011

How I Looked 07.05.2011

 Black vest top: Primark
White jacket: Next (I've had since 2005!)
Skirt: Primark (2009)
Necklaces (3 together): from my childhood (the Dragonfly was definitely from Majorca 2004!)
Three quarter leggings (not seen): Primark
Shoes (not seen): I'll assume Converse

This is what I wore two days ago for yet another library session! Anyone notice a theme? The black top with that skirt is a fairly regular look of mine that has been going about in my day-to-day life for some time. But the white jacket was only something I recently discovered looks okay over it. I have a love/hate relationship with that happening - when you discover that two items you own look good together having owned them for years! On one hand it's great that you have a new outfit but on the other hand it can be annoying thinking that you could've been wearing them together all this time! 

As this is my most recent outfit photo hopefully I'll start posting recent ones from now on and not "this is what I wore a week ago". I'm also going to try standing on the other side of the room so the sunlight hits me directly and not coming closer to the camera to get necklace photos but instead zoom up on them afterwards (notice how my necklace close-up is bigger than my full body shots? I hope this will sort that). Always the perfectionist. 

Some people may think this is odd for me to mention this but as a self-esteem and self-love aficionado of the Gala Darling generation I want to admit that the last photo is airbrushed. My skin was looking really blotchy that day and I wanted to even it out. My skin is still make-up free.

Morag x

8 May 2011

How I Looked 01.05.2011

I'm now back from my trip home for voting in my home constituency and my dad's birthday so blogging should start as normal again. I've wanting to start a "Sunday Review" type feature for while but due to Sunday being my quietest day I normally catch up on outfit photos :( This particular one is from a week ago. Bad Morag!

Top: Next (last summer) 
Skirt: Thrifted
Vest top: H&M
Necklaces: from when I was a kiddo

This is what I wore for a study session in the library. How fun! The top is actually not in the best of conditions as the colours ran. I looked at it before I went out thinking it wasn't too obvious and as it was a day I when  was unlikely to run into anyone I thought it would be okay. But when I took it off at night I realised that the blue on the white showed up more than I thought. o_O

I will need to apologise for the next few weeks if my posts sound a bit more "down" than usual as I have some issues to deal with in the next few weeks. I feel let down by a lot of people in my life right now and will possibly have to make some important decisions as to who I want in my life from now on. Never a fun time but I'm sure I'll be better off in the end. :)

Morag x

3 May 2011

How I Looked 29.04.2011

Top: Primark
Waistcoat: Primark
Shorts: H&M (old)
Necklace: Claire's Accessories
Shoes: Converse

For once I've managed to produce an outfit for Mo'Adore which comprises of mainly new items that are still available in shops! This is what I wore on the day of the actual wedding, which I didn't watch ^_^ I went  to the library to work on my mini-dissertation which is about Switzerland's relationship with the EU (quite interesting for me!) but got annoyed because the library hours were cut short to celebrate the wedding. If I fail that essay I expect compensation from whoever called it a bank holiday! lol.

I still have another outfit to post from this weekend but it will need to wait as I'm going away home to Aberdeen tomorrow to vote and wish my dad a happy birthday!

Morag x

1 May 2011

How I Looked 28.04.2011

Top: H&M (a long time ago)
Hoodie: H&M (also a long time ago)
Skirt: thrifted
Bag: New Look

This is actualy the look I tweeted about a few days ago and have since taken three more sets of outfit photos. This is what I wore for most of Thursday and then added some make-up and a smaller bag to it to attend my student union's Royal Tea Party in celebration of the Royal Wedding. Most of my friends were studying hard throughout the day (about the only one of my friends to give a hoo-haa about the Royal Wedding is fourth year and has her 10,000 word dissertation to write) so we missed the electronic clay pigeon shooting earlier on. But we made it to the weekly pub quiz which was British themed this week. I had expected it to be about the Royal Family (or at least have a section on them) and I was so tempted to research them but was glad I didn't when the questions were just the regular film and television ones.

Did anyone watch the Royal Wedding? I didn't. I didn't even remember it was on until I logged onto Facebook. haha. I have nothing against the royals and am no way anti-monarchy I just don't really get the big fuss. Yes, congrats and that but I have my own non-existent love life to be getting on with ^_^ I just went to the tea party 'cause it sounded fancier than the usual nights my union puts on. And I love teacups.

Morag x