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How I Looked 14.06.2011 Eurovision Special

Russian Outfit:

I know this isn't exactly what you'd expect from a blog that classifies itself amongst the "fashion/cupcakes/make-up realm" but this was genuinely what I wore for last nights Eurovision. As you can probably (hopefully) tell I was representing Russia. I have mixed reviews on their entry, with me sometimes liking it, sometimes not, depending on when I hear it. My vote last night went to the winner Azerbaijan, with Denmark and Estonia being the other acts who nearly received it. 

Me and my friends kept talking about going to Eurovision next year and when Azerbaijan won I thought it sounded like a cool quirky place to visit 'cause it's not your normal holiday resort (I have no interest in going to Aiya Napa or Ibiza) but when I started researching it this morning I found out it's a pretty hard country to get into. And if you're Armenian (even by heritage) you can't get in at all due to the conflicts.between the two countries. The Eurovision song contest always has a political theme going through it but next year may be very political.

As for the outfit, it's definitely one of my favourite fancy dress pieces to date! I love fancy dress and am referred to as the "fancy dress queen" amongst my main group of friends. It grits on my nerves slightly when people don't take it seriously or "don't want to look stupid". In my honest opinion it's the people who don't partake and wear normal clothes to fancy dress parties who look more out of place. This posts has also been given a tag that is new for this blog "fancy dress" as I hopefully want to create more posts about this topic!

Morag x

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