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30 January 2011

2011 So Far: January in Review

As tomorrow marks the last day of the first month of the year I felt it would be a good idea to look back on the year so far and see how I did with those resolutions

My Sleeping Pattern
Getting better though I am still having some problems falling asleep in the first place! Thanks however to my new timetable where I have to be in university by at least twelve everyday (except Tuesday but I work then) I am getting up much earlier. And as for weekends? I'm out the door by noon as well :) Could be better but at least I'm getting better at it. 

Having a Proper and Delicious Breakfast
I'd say I'm having a proper breakfast however it's the same everyday now: porridge with almonds, a mandarin, a banana and two slices of wholemeal toast. But at least this keeps me filled for sometime and are all healthy options and aside from the bread are all natural (though raw milk isn't available in Scotland). Once I start getting paid for my job I will try and mix it up a bit. 

Ditch the Caffeine
Going very well. I still struggle when I walk into my university's Student Union as the coffee bar is on the ground floor but I held onto my will-power and walked on by. I also feel like I have much more energy now and it's good to know it's not from an artificial source. 

Tidying Up Before I Go To Bed
This one isn't going so well. I live a fairly busy life and when I get home I usually just want to relax and go to sleep! I know I need to tidy-up as I got myself into a complete frenzy this week with how messy my room was. Even  just washing plates when I'm done with them and hanging up my jackets would make a huge difference! 

Yoga & Weights Each Morning (Maybe Some Meditation)
Hasn't happened. At all. 

Putting More Effort Into Daily Outfits
Getting there! My night time outfits are by far definitely improving (as is my make-up) but my daytime outfits still need more work (I blame winter) but are definitely a step up from what was happening in December time! 

Drink More Water
Like a lot of my resolutions I have improved on this one but I am drinking nowhere near as much as I'd like to (and need to!). I've got into the habit of drinking two glasses in the morning and filling up a bottle for my day at university.  

Another thing I mentioned recently was a relationship with myself which I have also been working on. From the end of December until mid-January I was somewhat seeing someone. I wasn't planning to do anything about this small crush but when he decided to do something, well, I got a bit carried away. Through getting to know him I could see the negative pattern I identified in my two past boyfriends showing up in him: not having much ambition, not getting involved in university life (I actively participate in one sports team and two societies) and being somewhat lazy. Admittedly he was an improvement as he at least had a paying job (and has done so for years) but he's not completely on my wave length when it comes to ambition. So I walked away. Not officially so the doors are still open but just kind of left it. I didn't settle this time. And I'm proud of myself. I let my head have a say and it was for the best. It was only three loser later that I decided I should let my head do some talking. Yes, my crush still exists but some crushes should only ever remain crushes. 

And in other news:
  • The fund-raiser I'm in charge of for the charity Fairybox is now officially booked for the 9th of March. I'm keeping things under wrap right now until the details are confirmed. But it's going to be huge!
  • The University's Dance Team (which I am part of) is now planning their annual show and it looks like it will also be huge (the coordinator has described it as the biggest thing my university has ever done in terms of performance!). While I am not involved in the organising or choreographing myself just being part of the performance will be huge for me.
  • I've agreed (along with two other people) to partake in a charity jailbreak in February - I am not officially signed up but should be this week! Eek! Scary but exciting!

Morag x

27 January 2011

Things I Love Thursday #2

It's that time of the week: to concentrate on the good! No negative little feelings here! No sir!

Radical Self-Love. Gala Darling has started up the PlayGirls Guide To Radical Self Love again for 2011. I've been having a look and some of the advice is brilliant! If you have low self-esteem then please read through it. I know it may seen corny at first but please try and absorb what you are reading. But you know the real reason why I've included it in my list this grand Thursday? I don't feel I need it. Last year I needed it - and it lead me to new social confidence and the confidence to go out not wearing make-up during the day (I still wear it at night). I'll obviously still read her posts (I still have down days) but to read the advice and realise to you it is just regurgitation is a wonderful feeling! This is coming from someone who once seriously considered getting a nose job.

Getting into a 9-5 routine. During the week I have to be somewhere by at least 10am aside from Monday which is twelve. Last year at university I began worrying about moving into the real workforce and being faced with the 9-5 after years of only doing something only three days a week. While many students will moan at this routine I think it will benefit me more in the end. It's not even that bad! Just get to bed at a sensible hour and after you hit the shower you should be bright and breezy ;) A good diet and lifestyle helps with this too!

How a change in diet can change you health. I considered being vegetarian once when I was 15 but didn't follow through (I was still living at home with my non-vegetarian parents) but recently I wanted to give it a try again (just to see if I could). For about the last week and a half my diet has been close to vegetarian/raw. Being vegetarian is not easy (finding a sandwich in my university shop proved difficult!) so I'm not strict. I also only have one vegetarian friend - that I know of - so the weekly dinner parties we have usually require me to eat meat. This is not a big deal for me as this is not about morals; after a week of being off the meat my body felt loads better! I have way more energy which fits with my busy lifestyle and I no longer get stomach cramps! This is why I want to carry on! I also have increased my raw intake! Last year I gave up heavily processed ready meals and now I'm increasing that so I'm cutting out caffeine, sweets and other nasties! Again, it's not strict as I'm a student budget here! I'm planning to talk more in depth about this development at some point.

Having loads of people offer to help you! I'm involved in my university's RAG society and have been put in charge of an event for Fairybox. Since starting semester two I have had four people offer to help me with my event (which looks like it might be huge!). A lot of these people came to me to help and it feels rewarding to have people offer to help, whether it's because you make a good impression on them or they really like the idea. I used to be really shy and people barely noticed me so it feels like my new confidence I developed last year (which was scary in some respects) is now paying off!

A fully packed 2011 calender! I mentioned last time about how this semester looks like it will be a busy one! It now looks like it will be busier. My social calender is now well and truly gearing up with two birthday weekends away plus a charity jailbreak. I think two-thousand and heaven will be my year!

As far as blog news goes, I have a layout design in my head! Once I find a spare moment I will sit down and re-learn coding language and get this show on the road!

Morag x

21 January 2011

How I Looked 18.01.2011

Top: H&M, Skirt: Quiz, Rings: Accessorize

This is the outfit that I wore to my interview on Tuesday (which I got!). The top I'm wearing from H&M was specifically bought for another interview last March (which I also got!). When it comes to interview outfits I really dislike doing the whole shirt and smart trousers thing as it's too unoriginal for my liking. Obviously you should not go too far out for an interview but just a little twist is great! My advice: always wear black and still keep it simple and not slutty (notice that even though my skirt is short I'm still wearing thick leggings??!!?).

And also sure you're jacket is smart and matches the outfit:

Jacket: New Look

Have you ever noticed that some jackets either look good zipped up or undone, but not both? I think this one is an example of that. Maybe the look on my face isn't helping  in the bottom picture but I think this jacket looks way better undone. 

And wear a smartish bag:

Bag: New Look

I also should point out that a lot of my clothes were bought a while ago. I don't rush out and buy new clothes often and I'm also on a clothes shopping detox for an undecided amount of time (probably until I feel my bank balance is at a reasonable amount) so I'm forcing myself to work with the clothes I have (which is a lot, actually). I think the money from my new job will help keep me at a sensible amount and not end up in too much debt when I finish university. Then my summer work back home will be for spending. My friends are actually talking about a trip to Alton Towers, Paris or Amsterdam (I'm pushing Amsterdam!) so I need to keep money aside for a possible trip away :)

Morag x

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20 January 2011

Things I Love Thursday #1

I'm sure we all know what this about by now ;)

Getting a new job! And most importantly a job I want to do! I will be working in my university's Career Development Office and I will be working on the information side of things. This will include posters and promotions but most excitingly, helping the department develop their social networking strategy. Not only will I be updating their Facebook and Twitter pages but I will be helping them design them and will help them utilise the features of these sites; not being told "here's some info - now update!" This is very exciting because social media engrosses me and is a career path that I am considering (more as a back-up, but a path none the less) so this actually ties into what I want to do and allows me to develop specific skills and adds experience. Working as a waitress has given me transferable skills (I used them as examples in the interview) but now I'll be getting industry specific skills :)

Looking forward to things! It looks like this will be a busy semester for me. Not only with my course (I have to do a mini-dissertation this semester to prepare for my fourth year) but also socially and professionally. I have my job, I'm working with my university's fundraising society and will be heading up an event (event management is another area I am considering), I am involved in the setting up of a Business School society and will be helping organise a Business Ball for the entire Business School, plus I'll have a Sport Ball to attend and my dance show to partake in. Phew! But I love being busy and it means I'll have stories for the grand kids. ;)

Plumping up that CV! Encase it wasn't obvious not only will I have fun and make new stories and new friends, but writing my CV will become more difficult, not because I'll need to fill space with waffle but because I'll have so many examples to choose from :)

Realising everything worked out for the best Anyone who read my last blog (which was probably nobody) will know I went through a harsh break up last October. I had been in a string of relationships for two years and now I've been single for three months I feel empowered :) My last two boyfriends were, lets say, not the most ambitious of people and weren't always as supporting of my endeavours as they could've been. Looking back I think they were holding me back. Now that I am single I have thrown myself into many more projects that I didn't have the time for and I feel on fire! Let's say: I'm going to have to meet someone pretty fucking awesome in order for me to take myself off the market again!

15 January 2011

How I looked 14.01.11

Top: Next, Skirt: Claire's Accessories, Tights: Accessorize, Necklace: owned for some time, Boots: Rocketdog.

Howdy fellow bloggers! This was the outfit I wore to go out in last night. It was no special occasion, simply a regular night out. I was worried this look might have too many patterns to it but my female friends said they loved it and that it was "very Gothic" and that the fact that it was all black evened out the three different laces.
A close up of my ring:


And my boots & tights:

This obviously being my first outfit posts means I haven't quite found the right positioning for my camera and haven't even played with the camera setting properly to get the best lighting. And that my room's a mess. I promise I'll get better ;) And before anyone might say anything: I do not claim to be "fashion" - I'm well aware my look is maybe not the most stylish, but it is my look and this blog allows me to document it and see how it grows with time. ;) We should all understand the importance of self-portraits in working out our ideal style.

Morag x

10 January 2011

Welcome To The Day

As inspired by Gala Darling's recent post on developing a new routine for the new year it made me re-consider my routine and how a new one could have a positive change on my life.

Near the end of last year I decided to give my routine knock-up due to a bad break-up but unfortunately this split (and a heavy amount of coursework) left me feeling drained. However after Christmas break at home with my mum & some delicious food I came back to Dundee with a new sense of life and decided to give it a crack again ;)

Sort Out the Sleeping Pattern
When I don't have anywhere specific to be on a given day I'll stay in bed until 11am which is still early by student standards but is pretty late in the day when it comes to productivity. This then means I sometimes can't drift off until 12pm that night which leaves me cranky on the days I do need to be somewhere. For the past few days I have been making it a point to go to bed by 10pm whether I am tired or not - which I am hoping will eventually trick my body into feeling tired at 10pm (fake it until you make it type of thinking). I've always made a point of getting up two hours before I have to leave the house, which many people seem shocked about. My reason? It means I can take my time and make sure I have everything (I very rarely forget anything and I attribute it to this - also that I am a compulsive double checker) and I feel this goal is just an extension of that.

Have a Proper & Delicious Breakfast
While I am not suggesting I prepare a full continental every single morning a breakfast that isn't simply cornflakes would just start the day off way nicer. I read in a summer issue of either Glamour or Company that Almonds and oatmeal were a food power couple. That's now my quick breakfast along with a piece of fruit and two slices of wholemeal toast. On days where I can take my time and don't have to be anywhere until midday I might add some scrambled eggs with Piri Piri spice mixed through (it's delicious!) or some fruit mixed in with plain yoghurt.

Ditch the Caffeine
As a recovering insomniac this resolution goes without saying! I used to need Red Bull to get through the day but then my addiction reach new heights: I began drinking coffee, even though I hate the taste, simply because it was a caffeine fix! Enough is enough - I don't want to be the person who needs three cup before they can face the day! I don't even drink fizzy drink now, unless it's a mixer for alcohol (no, I'm not giving up alcohol).

Tidying Up Before I Go To Bed
I discovered last summer that I have a better day if I wake up to a clean and tidy space. My room this year in Dundee is enormous and I have no excuse for not being able to find a place for everything. Dirty clothes away, dishes cleaned & folders in the correct place before bedtimes!

Yoga & Weights Each Morning (Maybe Some Meditation)
Tried this one before and failed, but hopefully I'll stick this time. Yoga gets the blood rushing and lifts my mood (if done properly) and I'm eternally jealous of girls with defined arms. Meditation is something that will need a bit more work, but by the end of the year I'm hoping to have it down.

Putting More Effort Into Daily Outfits
Not saying I want to become fashionista of the year but I should make an effort not to slip on whatever jeans are to hand. Again, it's winter which in my opinion, is the bitch of the year fashion wise, so this should make it challenging until April rolls around.

Drink More Water
This is another previous goal that went wrong. But so far 2011 has been good in the water department. I don't have a definite amount of water I want to drink, I'm just going to try and put more into my day (always take water to uni with me!).

Not saying all this was achieved on the 1st of January. In my opinion resolutions should be more like "by the end of the year this is what I should have achieved" rather than "on the first day of the year I shall be this water guzzling-yoga doing-meditating-organised-fashionista".

9 January 2011

First Post of 2011 & Welcome to Mo'Adore


And enjoy!

I'm not entirely sure how you word up your first "introductory post" (I have loads of posts in the line up, but this one is causing me a headache!).but I suppose I should say hello first (if anyone even reads this) just so people get who I am.

I'm Morag (pronounced Mo-rag) and I am a 20 year business student from Aberdeen currently residing in Dundee. That's Scotland, y'all. My blog is going to be personal, and that's all I can think of as a direction. I haven't been a full time blogger since the age of 16-ish?!? I attempted it again last summer but decided that blog didn't fit, and after a dream I came up with the name 'mo'adore'. Now I'm back, minus some people that were holding me back. And in order to fulfil my dream of developing a Gala Darling type-enterprise I'm going to take blogging seriously again. This is a test run right now and (one of) my goal(s) for 2011 is to take blogging seriously and if I enter 2012 with a blog that has a following and a proper direction I'll look into starting a visitor aimed, online magazine. :) We'll see...

Morag x