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Samara Morgan: Halloween 2011 Edition

I'm no doubt a bit (well almost a week late) with the whole "what I wore for Halloween" post, but never fail 'cause I have a creepy one! I've never been into being "pretty" on Halloween. I've always went for something scary (aside from the few last minute costumes for parties not quite on Halloween) in my quest for the perfect Halloween costume.

The maxi dress was found in the sale section of Primark for £5 (what a bargain!) only for me to go and destroy it with black food colouring, water and some nail varnish! The ripped t-shirt that was thrown on top (the dress has a strapless top which just didn't seem "creepy little girl" enough) is from a previous Halloween zombie costume. The bag (if you're looking closely - these photos were taken at 1am when I got in) has a video cassette attached to it. I used Velcro for it and have now detached it and the bag is still in good condition so can be used again for a regular outfit. The video was to help distinguish me from being the creepy woman from the Grudge (as people said prior to Halloween it didn't matter - I was just going to a be a creepy Japanese character regardless!). The make-up was put together with the help of this Samara make-up tutorial (some great tutorials there!) and the nails (which you can't see very well) had black and burgundy nail polish put into the cuticles to give the impression that I have climbed up a well. 

Hope you all had a good Halloween and even a good Guy Fawkes night (I'm not a fan of fireworks and the ones I can hear right now are driving me nuts).

Morag x
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