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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

PR & Advertising

If you’re a brand, business owner or an extremely talented person who has something awesome to share with the world then you’ve landed in the correct place (and even if you’re none of the above, you’re welcome too). I’ve worked with brands across a wide range of industries within the five years my blog has been active. Ranging from reviewing beauty products from LyonLeaf, to writing articles for Vegan Life Magazine, and even dipping my toes into online dating for JustSingles.

Without trying to sound like I’m pitching myself at a job interview: I am a reliable and hardworking blogger who understands the needs of a modern day business. I get that it costs money to run a blogger outreach campaign and you have a boss who requires the ROI of all the lipstick you're sending out. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, and I don’t want to annoy any of my readers with content that’s not relevant.

Please Note: I am a lot busier with work than I was when I first started mo'adore (I mean, I was a university student back then...) so I'm now much more selective with the brands I give my time to.

So who are your readers?

mo’adore is what you would describe as a ‘lifestyle’ blog, so a lot of different kinds of people stop by. But by and large, the average reader of mo’adore is:
  •           Female
  •           20-30
  •           Based in the UK
  •           Vegetarian or vegan
  •           The sort of person who considers the ethics of any purchase
  •           Politically left-leaning
  •           A pop culture geek/girl geeks
  •           A feminist or supportive of feminism
  •           Of average income for the 20-30 age range

Sound like the kind of target audience you want to reach? Let’s chat.

Whatever your idea, I want to hear it. I’ve posted a few guidelines below for the most common types of blogger outreach but if you’ve got a plan that isn’t of the norm (or is normal but I just haven’t covered it) send me your chat.

Product reviews
I’m selective in what products I accept but this allows me to give each product the attention it requires. PR gifts receive an Instagram upon arrival before timely posting the blog post in which it is reviewed. High-standard products may also go on to be used in other blog posts (for example “Top 5 cruelty-free summer lipsticks”) and be given a mention in a YouTube video!

I arrive to all events with my phone fully charged to keep my followers entertained on Instagram. The event will then be followed up with a blog post. All events I’m due to attend - which are open to the public - will be mentioned in the Linkables posted closest to the event. I also - depending on the event - will upload DLSR quality photos to my Facebook page.

Travel Opportunities
Please note: I work in the travel industry and there may be conflict of interest. 

I host two giveaways a year: one for my cruelty-free anniversary and one for my blogging anniversary. If you reckon there is a product in your range I should include then give me a holler.

Banner/Sidebar advertising
If you’re beady-eyed you’ll have spotted that mo’adore doesn’t have any sidebar advertising. However, the time has come where I am toying with the idea. If mo’adore seems like the kind of platform you’d want to place your banner, get in contact (for what will be a nice introductory price).

Affiliate advertising
I do have a few – clearly marked out – affiliate links. I’m selective as affiliate links do annoy some people so it needs to be a company whose target audience ties in closely to my own.

I work for a cruelty-free beauty brand and we’d like a mention on your list?
Excellent! I’m always looking for new cruelty-free brands to add to my list. E-mail me at moadore [at] gmail [dot] come and I’ll send you over the questions I ask all brands.

Can I send you a press release or the article I just wrote?

Of course! I’m not one for regurgitating a press release however some of the links in my popular Linkables series were sent my way by PR types or writers wanting to get their funny/interesting/eye-opening article read by more people. Put me on your contact roll if you think your clients’ news is up my street. 

Some nice things brands and PR folk have to say about myself and mo'adore:

"Morag is lovely to work with. She has supported Parlez PR by writing some informative and engaging blog posts for some of our clients, most recently Ideal Home Show Scotland. She is reliable, hardworking and always interested in finding new products, clients and events to write about. We love her blog and we always look forward to reading it, even if she hasn't been writing for us!"
Avril Cadden, Account Manager, Parlez Media

Reckon we're on the same page? Hit me up at
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