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Cruelty Free Beauty Brands

I originally developed my cruelty-free beauty brand list after I went cruelty-free in mid-2012. I'm now embarking on transitioning my beauty cabinet into vegan only however I will continue to keep this list up-to-date for anyone who is only interested in avoiding products that are tested on animals, either for personally reasons or as a first step towards an overall vegan goal.

Personally, I define cruelty-free as not having been tested on animals at any point of the production process. From raw ingredients to final product. And not sold in a country that requires it by law (such as China). I am however okay with cruelty-free companies who are owned by testing companies. 

I have split the brands into four different lists: near enough certain, companies with ambiguous statements, brands with no statement and brands that definitely do test (and a final list for any brand that remains unknown for whatever reason). At the start of each list I provide more information on my criteria for each list.

I will hold up my hands and say I may get it wrong, and I have managed to in the past. Whilst I put in a lot of time for this research for anyone looking to buy cruelty-free cosmetics; I would still encourage each individual to carry out their own research and decide for themselves and only use this as a guide.

Brands that are cruelty-free

Whilst determining who definitely doesn't test is difficult (and can be a game of trust) the brands on this list are ones I have been given goods reason to believe they don't. This may be because they are Leaping Bunny certified or have provided a written statement that they don't test, make sure their suppliers don't and they don't sell in any countries that require it.

And I have included brands that are owned by a testing parent company but have marked them out. 

Superdrug own brand - owned by A.S. Watson Group
Tarte - owned by Kose
Teal Anchor
Tiddly Pom
Urban Decay - owned by L'Oreal

Brands that have ambiguous statements

Brands that test and I don't buy from, period.

I have two reasons for listing companies here:
1. They sell in China (in this case I have linked to their Chinese website) or use the dreaded 'as required by law' term (or they admit it, that too).
2. They are owned by Procter & Gamble, Coty or Unilever

American Beauty
Anna Sui
Aussie Hair
morag | mo adore
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