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New Year, New Decade, New Intentions (not goals!)

Yesterday, you might have caught my blog post where I rambled on about being more mindful on why we create goals, not feeling pressure to set goals because they sound ~impressive~, and not give into heteronormativity and capitalism when we are trying to work out where we want to go with our lives.

Now, despite that ramble, I am still routine-orientated so like to know what's coming up. Always have been and I don't think my personality will ever be void of that. For the past month now I have been trying to take stock of where I am and where I want to be - and exactly how I'm going to get there. I don't know the answer to that question, but at the start of every year, I take a good stab at them. So here it goes: What I'm hoping to achieve in 2020.

Domestic and Home Life

In 2019, one of my priorities was to become more domesticated. I successfully did that. I now have favourite cleaning products that I swear by, iron my bedsheets, and even kept a plant alive! I would say that's a far cry from who I was just a year ago. I have identified areas for improvement though, and key things I want to start working on in my domesticated life in 2020 and beyond include:

  • buy more plants (and keep them alive)
  • re-start my balcony garden
  • shampoo my white rug on a more regular basis
  • buy a steam mop and carpet cleaner machine
  • create more of a scent in the house (Candles, reed diffusers etc)
As far as cooking went, I made leaps and bounds in 2019. I don't have any particular goals here, I just want to keep trying new recipes and finding new ones to put on my list for special occasions. 

Oh, and keep saving to buy my own place (but only buy it when I'm ready). 

Style and Beauty

Hahaha hahaha. This is the one area of my life I made very little progress with during 2019. I'm generally quite happy with how I present myself to the world, but there were things I wanted to change last year and never got round to. Here's the list again: 

  • industrial piercing
  • another tattoo (I have three ideas in my head)
  • more permanent hair removal (I've had some laser on my bikini line)
  • teeth whitening and potentially cosmetic braces
I received an Iolla gift voucher for Christmas so expect a second pair of glasses at some point this year to mix and match with! 

Social Justice & Activism

In 2019 I made an intention to become more involved in the Scottish Green Party (which I have been a member of since 2014!). I did just that and was elected onto the Glasgow Committee in autumn as an Ordinary Member. Since then I've focused on communications and look after the branch's Facebook page. One of my main intentions for 2020 is to work really hard at this role and do my best work possible, treating it as though it was a job.

The only other area of activism I want to work on is focusing on a zero-waste lifestyle. I have purchased several reusable household items to replace items that were once single-use (cloth sanitary towels, a metal straw that I keep on me, a tote bag that lives in my main handbag, and reusable cloth make-up pads). I think I have everything covered, but I'm planning to ensure that I've left no gaps. 

Geek and Pop Culture

2019 was a good year for books, movies, comics, and tv shows. I have no particular goals for this area of my life other than to just keep going. 

Online life and blogging

This is the one area of my life that I'm always developing - and 2020 looks to be no different.  I've set the bar quite high, so it's probably a good thing I spent a lot of 2019 reevaluating where my energy goes as I'm going to be quite busy. 

Firstly, I made a decision on Christmas Eve that I definitely want to start creating paid content. I've been supporting some of my favourite creators on Patreon for two years (and occasionally on Ko-Fi) because creatives deserve to be paid, and it's better if they're paid by fans rather than brands (who might try and edit their message). But I didn't believe I was ~popular~ enough to justify creating my own Pratreon, even if I do have some loyal people who consistently say they love my content. On Christmas Eve I said fuck that self-depreciated way of thinking, and on Boxing Day I set up my very own Patreon (where you can support me via subscription from only $2 a month - and gain access to more content) and Ko-Fi (where you can throw me the odd bit of money whenever you want). Maybe this will flop, or maybe I'll end up dirty rich. But I won't know unless I try (please pay me).

Any money I earn from Patreon and Ko-Fi, however, won't immediately go into my own pocket. I'll be using some of it to help pay for some of the other projects I'm trying to get off the ground (because, believe it or not, creative projects require funding).

First off, I am bringing the @CfbloggersChat back from the dead - but not as a Twitter chat. For those of you who weren't around in 2014, I and a few other bloggers started a Twitter chat for cruelty-free bloggers. Eventually, I was the last one standing and it was too much by myself. I also couldn't be magically free every Thursday, so the chat fell. I never missed having to be on my phone every single Thursday, but I did miss the community. Halfway through 2019, I realised that I could bring it back as something else (i.e. something that didn't require me to be free every Thursday). It's now a community and collective with an active Twitter account, Facebook Page, and Facebook Group (please follow and join us). I'm hoping to get a website, podcast, and Instagram up and running in the next few months.

My other big, new project is the thing I've been speaking about on Twitter since summer: my podcast about all things bisexual. I was gifted a podcast microphone by my parents for Christmas, so I'm guessing there are no excuses now? It's called The B Agenda (it was almost Bisexuals on Buses, which I'm still toying with) and each episode I'll be inviting a fellow bisexual to chat about a different subject. I already have my logo and microphone, but I still have to work on a few things over the next wee while before I get it 100% up and running.

I think it's also time I paid a photographer to take some nice lifestyle shots of me posing on a street or in a studio.

Social Life and Relationships

I feel like not much has changed in this area of my life since the start of 2019. Romantically, I'm still single and I don't have my eye on anyone. I did pay for Tinder and Bumble pro over the course of last year - because it doesn't actually cost that much - which, if anything, has only made my use of the apps more efficient. And I get to see who has liked me in advance, which is hilarious when you see people you know!

[content warning for sexual assault]

Platonically, I've had a few shifts but nothing too note-worthy. Back in January, an ex-friend was released from prison a year early and I saw how many people still believed his story (it was sexual assault, two women came forward, it was a conviction, and he was always a bit creepy....not much wiggle room for innocence) which was a bit gutting as I realised some people really had to be kicked out of my life for good. That wasn't fun. But aside from that my friendships have remained solid.

[end content warning for sexual assault]

In 2019, I tried to be more mindful of my socialising and not attending events that weren't essential to maintaining my important relationships. The biggest example was skipping my employer's company-wide Christmas party in December. I didn't skip it because I hate the people I work with; I simply didn't fancy it. I instead went to the Scottish Green Party Winter Social, which was much more me (and even if that hadn't been on, I would have skipped the big work party anyway).

In 2020, I want to further explore Relationship Anarchy. Primarily I want to be there for my (close) friends in a way that we usually associate with familial or romantic relationships. Whether it's providing financial support (either in a big way like helping them if they lose their job or paying for a friend's coffee if they earn less) or if they are going through a period of ill health (taking them to appointments, visiting regularly in hospital). When you write this out it does seem so bizarre that we don't already do this? Why don't we pull our weight for our friends as much as we do for romantic partners and family members? Obviously, I will be having chats with my close friends to see if they're happy with this (some romantic couples keep finances separate, my friends might want to remain financially independent from me).

Career & Work

I'll be re-applying for university but for a slightly different course - and I've worked on ways to improve my application. Fingers crossed.

In other exciting (and expensive) news, one of my favourite content creators/wellness writers, Melissa A Fabello, launched a course on Breaking Into Freelance Writing and I've signed up! I've been a fan of Melissa's work for years and she gives me extreme career envy. Clearly, I'm going to want to learn from her. I can't wait to get stuck in during the first half of the year.


I think that's enough to keep me busy!

P.S. I'm turning 30 in November. Eek!

morag | mo adore
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