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31 July 2011

Sunday Reflections 8

For anyone new to Mo'Adore, Sunday Reflections is where I go back through my week and share pictures and snippets that may have been missed. Here I includes music I love, films, what I bought, some links that I've been clicking on plus some veggie and cupcake goodness.

My eyes looked mega grey this week - I'm also loving pale lips.

I've been working almost full time this week so I have had no time to blog despite some drafts sitting in my edit posts folder. This place is badly needing a shake-up - I haven't even been able to continue with my new Blogger template at all this week. Tomorrow will be my first day off since last Monday. Insane, I know!

What I've Been Wearing

After seeing that some of LLYMLRS lovely clothes come from Tesco I decided to get myself in that direction. I was a bit so-so about picking these two out as I have never felt that suit round necks but I've had nothing but compliments. There were some amazing pieces in the clothing department and most of it felt like really good quality, with nothing being over £20. There will be a  proper outfit shot showing the details and how I'd put it together at some point (before the end of the summer). 

What I've Been Clicking On

I've also been looking into Foursqaure and Gowalla very heavily recently mainly for trying to understand the different between them. For anyone not in the know they're both location tracking apps where you check in to tell your friends where you are. For me personally however it's more about businesses getting some word of mouth advertising and I reckon Foursquare and Gowalla could be very powerful marketing tools for your business.  So far Gowalla's winning the fight in my head though that's a very gut-reaction than anything that's well thought through.

Google+ Strategy: 5 Tips to Help Marketers Get Ready for Brand Pages Very basic however if you want to build your business online then G+ could be a good place to start because if you get in early your business won't get lost in a techy sea like it would on Facebook.

Vegan Cheesecake with Tofu - I am yet to try this however I am completely in love with the idea.

Foursquare for universities 2.0 coming this fall I am hugely and immensely exciting for this project! Shame it looks like it's an American only project but I can't wait for hit to hit UK shores, though I'll probably have long finished my degree by then. Still those who don't ask don't get so I've already put my interest down as a Student Ambassador!

Morag x

24 July 2011

Sunday Reflections 7

For anyone new to Mo'Adore, Sunday Reflections is where I go back through my week and share pictures and snippets that may have been missed. Here I includes music I love, films, what I bought, some links that I've been clicking on plus some veggie and cupcake goodness. 

Wearing a school girl vest from Quiz.

What I've Been Buying
Mini-grater by Zeal and small star-shaped cupcake tin by Sterling Furniture

After taking me out for a practice driving session me and my mum popped into Stirling furniture and in my natural child-like way I headed straight to the baking section (and within the baking section itself the bright coloured kids section!). I immediately picked up the Mini Box Grater for grating chocolate onto cupcakes instead of having to buy pre-grated jars (it's economical you see, that's what I tell myself anyway). Then after some pondering over dinosaur cookie cutter, egg poachers, icing bags and mini-casserole dishes from the Colour Works range I decided to picked out an own-brand star-shaped baking try. The picture probably does show how small the dish is but I'd like to add that one cake would only be enough for one person and it might have been better to buy a few so I could make a batch of them!

What I've Been Eating
Coconut Chunks from ASDA

When it comes to food there's not many flavours I love more than coconut. And there's not many diets or lifestyle choices I love more than rawness. But these? Wasn't feeling it. Coconut by itself is pretty dry but still seems to have a fruit like texture to it. Pretty weird. I'll leave these to my parents!

What I've Been Wearing (& Making!)
 Excuse the blatant hipster-ness of this photo...

I stayed inside on Monday night and made myself my very own G+ necklace. Very cool and hipster of me, I know! But anyway, I do genuinely love G+ and believe it will overtake Facebook, not straight away, but will eventually. And here to show it is my very own G+ logo necklace made from Shrinklable plastic sheets. 

  One of these days I'll just make a pendant that says 'hipster'

These were my first necklace attempts however I didn't realise just how much the plastic shrinks in the oven. Now when I look at these I reckon they would make much better badges, which in an accessorie I've been wanting to get back into but despite buying more I struggle to fit them into my outfits. Any ideas as to how? 

Other things that have happened

I parked a car! Albeit in a very empty large carpark from 10 metres away. But I parked! Now just to do it whilst there's other people and cars going about. 

And finally some link love:

I've been quite a frequent poster on some message boards recently, mainly the Yes and Yes Every Buddy Message BoardVeracity MB and Snark Forums all which have there own unique feel. I was a complete message board 'whore' growing up and it's where I made most of my original online friends.

What have you all been up to this week?

Morag x

23 July 2011

Themed Parties I'd Like To Throw

I'm a bit nuts when it comes to fancy dress. And by a bit nuts I mean I beg my friends to make their birthday parties a themed event. Even if they're the ones who always turned up to fancy dress parties thinking cats ears alone is an acceptable attempt (which it isn't). 

Katy Perry Party
This has pretty much been decided as my 21st birthday theme. Inspired by the fact I'd love to dress up in a dress decorated in sweets and don an purple wig I think a Katy Perry party could be very versatile. If like me you love to look a bit inappropriate in public, wearing cupcakes on your breast would be ideal. But for the more conservative amongst us you could simple wear jeans and a brown loose fitted shirt and be all Teenage Dream. And for the boys there is the obvious choice of Russell Brand but if he isn't your cup of tea (and I'd forgive you if he wasn't) then there's 3OH!3, Kanye West or even Travis McCoy.

Obscure Harry Potter Characters Ball
Due to the fact that Harry Potter is now no more it may raise eyebrows to have a HP themed night. But I really just want an excuse to dress up as Bellatrix Lastrange without the fear that people won't "get it" (this however has not put me off attempting to be her for Halloween 2011). I want it to be obscure characters to avoid seven Harry's turning up due to a lack of HP knowledge. It would make my life if someone came as Nagini.

Sorting Hat Ceremony
Can you tell I like Harry Potter? This one is easier to gather items for (if you know where to look) whilst deciding how to dress up could be hard. Hard is in that us Muggles don't have a worn old hat to tell which house we'd belong to. Yes, for the sorting hat ceremony you are all asked to come in memorabilia or colours of your chosen house. I just want an excuse to spent a £29.00 on a an official Ravenclaw scarf. But we can still have fun in the process.

Jesus Party
So my church-elder of a mum probably wouldn't approve but how about we all grow beards and wear crosses whilst drinking nothing other than red wine (or red wine spritzer if you're working tomorrow) with bread to line our holy stomachs? No? You suck.

ElizaBathany's amazing attempt at a Twitter costume!
Twitter Party
We all come dressed as the cute little blue bird and dangle @signs in front of our names. Plus cupcakes with hashtags and on them. Plus a hashtag for the party obviously. And if anyone has a plasma we can have running updates. And maybe a re-writeable timeline poster. (I did some Googling and can't find this already in existence so I'm calling copywrite!)

The Social Network
As half my IRL friends don't have Twitter then I'll compromise with a generalised social networking party. Though I know I'll end up with 13 Facebooks. You could re-use your twitter bird costume or dress up as Tom Anderson, or get yourself an iPhone costume. You could even come in an outfit which is bright pink and bright blue and call yourself Flickr!

Very sorry, but I have no idea who is this photo.
Portal Party
Where we all have DIY portal guns. 'Cause that's what normal people do! I'll even make sure there's a deep male voiceover running through the chosen venue.

What would your ideal themed party be? Would you keep to normal themes such as Fairytales or a certain decade? Or something even more odd? 

Morag x

21 July 2011

Things I Love Thursday #14

She was the person who influenced this after all:

Everything is looking very quiet at my blog right now. I haven't really been able to post anything other than TiLT or Sunday Reflections. And I haven't really been commenting elsewhere so that's slowing down the traffic. Once I'm done with learning to driving I should be back into a more stable routine but until then everything will take a back seat! But I am mega-excited about, and mega busy with, my personal life!

Becoming insured on my parents car & extra practice My parents finally found the confidence to take me out driving with them as well as my instructor. Very exciting! I was told back in school that in order to pass your driving test successfully you really do need extra practice outside of your official lessons. My first attempt in my dad's car (a Ford Fiesta - think how old that is!) didn't go so well and I ended up stalling three times before leaving the driveway. But my mum took me out later that night to where I had my very first lesson and let me play with teh car to get used it. And this extra practice really seems to have helped ^_^ I even successfully parked for the first time that night!

Being told "this is your best lesson to date". This was on the lesson today, when my dad took up a position in the back seat. It's not test ready yet, but we're back on track to getting me driving by the end of September. I can be quite the grandma at times with my speed and that was looking like it would be my downfall. I'm not the most practically able of people (I can write killers essays but ask me to use my hands at something and you're asking for trouble!) so being told I can drive was a confidence-boost ^_^.

My own custom Blogger theme. Over at my Test Blog I have been developing my own Blogger template from scratch which for a while was seeming like a right headache! So much code! Blogger is definitely one of the hardest codes to write my designs into but thankfully, through Google, I was able to find some decent tutorials that explained how Blogger worked (if I find the time I'll write a full description of how I went about it). The sidebar is still very messy looking but it's getting closer to what I want (if anyone knows how to get it looking like my previous blog with a split sidebar beneath an about me then please share).

A big pay check that is enough to pay off my overdraft! And leave me with a nice bit left over. This will be spent on finally upgrading/fixing PC parts. Want to know how desperately I need to do this? My PC has been out of sound for over a year. Yes, really. Now hopefully I'll be able to play to 30+ PC games I have but have never been able to play. 

Finally putting myself out there! Okay this hasn't quite happened yet. But I have been thinking about it and I am now finally prepared to put together my own domain name blog/site on a particular subject that relates to the career I want. Essentially it will be a portfolio and a collection of my own personal opinions. I'm REALLY excited for this project which should take effect after I re-arrange this place. Time to shine baby, time to shine!

Let's just say I'm a pretty happy person right now!

Hope you all have something to be grateful lovelies!

Morag x 

17 July 2011

Sunday Reflections 6

My attempt at a public outfit photo - maybe I'll jut stick to my back garden.

Unlike last Sunday I was working again today. Though today was thankfully not a normal boring slow Sunday. Anyone who's a waitress knows that really busy is much better than absolutely empty when you can't find anything to do. I was quite ill yesterday having eaten something dogdy on Friday night so my plans of reorganising my blog, moving further along with my own Blogger theme and trying to learn more about the Ubuntu operating system were championed by the need to stay in bed. 

What I've Been Buying

My newest purchase is this awesomely cute pink watering can from the Burgon & Ball collection. Many may think this was a whim purchase but I actually grow some of my own herbs so this is a practical purchase. (Honest!) The pink is just an addition. 

What I've Been Listening To

Sometimes my coolness really impresses me

Just let it grow on you :p

What I've Been Clicking On
I made my own YouTube channel this week, after saying I would do so for months now. And even uploaded a vlog of me in my garden. It's pretty cheesy but I'm a pretty cheesy person. :) Have you noticed the new look for the toolbar on videos? I think it's much more lovely; YouTube may have a massive following but you can't exactly claim it's aesthetically pleasing. 

Morag x

14 July 2011

Things I Love Thursday #13

The Beautiful Sunshine!
I am an absolute sunny bunny who cannot stand winter (to the point that one of my life goals is to move somewhere where I can permanently lay in the sun) so I am majorly loving the heat! Yesterday I was 'working' in my back garden with a rug and umbrella (pale and proud!). Sunshine plus social media is an excellent combination in my book!

Finally Installing Ubuntu!
I've been saying I would do this for years and yesterday I finally did! In the past few weeks I had been seriously contemplating switching and weighing up the co's and prons when I woke up on Monday to find my PC had crashed. Despite losing some pictures and videos that I was yet to edit I took it as a sign to FINALLY DO IT! I'm now much nearer my ideal PC set up (which btw is an Ubuntu PC, Macbook and Samsung tablet!).

Finally wearing something someone else said you never would!
And by this I am referring to the dress in yesterday's How I Looked Post. Finally have the confidence to wear it! I knew I was holding on to it for some reason!

Finding something vegetarian to eat at a restaurant
If you're vegetarian like me than being invited out for lunch or dinner can be a bit of nightmare. What if there is nothing to suit your lifestyle or ethical code? Luckily the garden centre me and my dad took my grandmother to had some lovely mini cheese and onion quiches! If you're ever cooking for me onions go down VERY well. ;)

Finding some new online hangouts!
I used to be very into message boards when I was younger but for some reason grew out of them. However I have been making my way into the online community again by posting on yesandyesVeracityMB and Snark Forums which all seem like lovely places so far!

Hope you have loads to be grateful for this week! I cannot stress how much sitting down and writing a list of the good things in your life has on your overall mental health!

Morag x

13 July 2011

How I Looked: Love Sensations

Dress: a 2004 item from a trip to Majorca.

I know most of the clothes I document here on Mo'Adore are months or even years old, but this one is a complete blast from the past. I bought this dress whilst on vacation with my parents in 2004 but up until today I never wore it on UK soil. Maybe my 13 year old self didn't like the idea of wearing a short dress in public (I turned into quite the emo kid after this holiday) or something with clingy fabric whilst I was still carrying about my teenage puppy fat.

The photos here don't really show off the words very well but it's a mixture of text saying what different colours and flowers symbolise in world of love! Which is pretty sweet.

In the background of the photos you can see what I am calling my 'work station' for today! And by work I mean catching up on Twitter, G+ and dailybooth as well as updating this. I'm also going to set up my Mo'adore YouTube channel after this so watch out for all of that!

Morag x

10 July 2011

Sunday Reflections 5

What I've been playing with ALL DAY! The PC not the bears.

I wasn't working today (yay for two days off in row) and was planning to spend all day working on my blog's template. But alas when I switched on my PC this morning: zilch! Nothing. Ahh the same thing that happened last summer.  Luckily this time round I knew better and the majority of my files were saved elsewhere: either another computer or online (yay for Google Docs). Everything's okay now and I'm just downloading all my essential programmes. 

But it's been yet another busy week in the life of Morag. I booked my practical driving test on Wednesday and is set for early September. But as I said in this week's Things I Love Thursday I am hesitant to reveal the exact date. If after early September you don't hear that I've passed assume that I've failed. I'm now learning how to reverse and perform three point turns and after that's done it should just be practice practice practice!

Gillian was back up this week so I went down to hers on Wednesday to have a wee catch up! We talked annoying customers, Google Plus and how we respect other people's online privacy when we blog. I had to leave for work only to arrive and be informed that the golf course had been closed due to the weather! 

What I've Been Buying
Very techy this week! I'm getting a lot closer to deciding on which phone I want. I was very much settled on the HTC Sensation but thanks to the Sparks feature on Google+ I discovered the HTC EVO 3D which should be available in the UK this month (I've signed up for alerts on Vodafone already). I can see that the 3D is a gimmick but if it's near enough the same price as the Sensation then I'll go ahead and get it and annoy everyone by insisting on 3D photos (I annoy everyone enough right now with stopping to take 2D memories every five minutes). 

Did anyone notice the Steam Summer Camp Sale? I was thankfully alerted to it by Brian, who is a REAL gamer, not like me who doesn't even notice large sales. I go through stages of gaming and then non-gaming for a while though these last few months I've found myself craving games and even invited myself round to Andy's to steal his Xbox for a few hours (though everyone in the room was more interested in the Kinect). I have been wanting to play Portal 2 for a while having liked the first one which I played back in 08/09. Though I ended up walking away with the Valve Complete Pack. That should keep me going for a while! I am tempted to get the Grand Theft Auto's even though I wouldn't touch them for months - should I?

What I've Been Eating

Midouri Cupcakes! I made them using some pre-made mix from a shop and instead of mixing water in I put the green stuff straight in! The batter didn't taste too different in all honesty but the icing was heavenly! Though do treat it as if you were drinking alcohol itself -  ended up feeling a bit tipsy! I also attempted vlogging during this and this one may eventually make it online! 

What I've Been Listening To

Lots and lots of this!

What I've Been Clicking On
I discovered a blog sharing site called which I think I might prefer to bloglovin due to it's community feel (though I'll admit Blogloving has more aesthetic appeal). I also deactivated my Facebook but after their announcement of new chat features I felt compelled to check it out - but didn't feel impressed. Despite my Google+ fan-girl status I have to admit that Facebook still has a purpose and will in no way die-down soon. Plus, G+ is still in beta so it's incomplete and until all major issues have been dealt with Facebook will champion. And off the record, does anyone else think Zuckerberg is hot?

So good week?
Very much so again. I feel very giddy right now as I feel I am making small changes in my life that are maybe invisible to everyone else, but I feel I am becoming closer to the person I always wanted to be. My understanding of myself has increased in the past few months and I think 2011 will go down as the year of self-discovery and reinvention!

Morag x

7 July 2011

Things I Love Thursday #12

Feeling the fear! By which I mean booking my practical driving test. It will be in early September sometime but I don't like revealing exact dates (I rarely tell people about job interviews - most people only find out once I have the job). I think it's because I want to avoid having to answer "no" to the "So, did you pass?" questions. But it's booked and now I have a date to work towards.

My first #FF, favourites tweets and much more generally Twitter activity! I've have been using my Twitter so much more recently and now feel as if I am getting more out of it. And something that rang home a bit was 'making friends online is similar to offline' as in sometimes you need to talk first! If you reply to more tweets more of yours will probably be replied to as well! If I see a Tweet I know I can add to I will now do so, as before I was always hesitant to. 

A pay rise! My last paycheck was higher than anticipated because I had gotten an unnoticed payrise. I am now on par with the bar staff (I'm waitress) not because I do bar but because I am actually older than most of those on the bar. 

My clearing skin! The natural tea tree and cucumber soap I bought at the market has had a positive difference in my skin. I've always liked tea tree but I remember one time my skin appeared to have got used to it! I really hoping that doesn't happening and hoping even more that I have found more perfect skin routine. 

My growing hair! Last summer I had to cut my hair short due to messing up my own hair cut (yes, I cut my own hair). Granted I did suit shorter hair but I just didn't like it; I missed the impact of long hair. And today's DailyBooth picture I'm wowing at it being almost past my breasts! The length I want is just past the breasts so after it's that length I just have to maintain it.

Morag x

5 July 2011

How I Looked: What Do I Wear To Bed? No5 of course!

Top: Next (a year old)
Skirt: left in my old flat by previous tennants ;)
Tights: Matalan
Dirty Plimsoles: Primark
Scarf: H&M (2008)

A tribute to the lady with all the best quotes: Ms Marilyn Monroe :) This outfit was pretty much just chucked on to go to the local shop to see what I could pick up - cookie mixture is what I came home with ^_^ 

These photos haven't been edited as my PC has been kicking up so all posts are being done via my netbook. Top of my wishlist for my July paycheck is new PC parts - hopefully I follow through as last summer I was distracted by Gillian's trip home to our village and that meant pursuing Boots for loads of fancy make-up!

Morag x

3 July 2011

Sunday Reflections 4

My hair after being taken down from its topknot.

Feeling really tired after work again. I started this feature once the semester ended thinking I'd have more time but then I get stuck with the 12-7pm shift every Sunday. We only have four waitresses at work so that's not much to split it between. I keep reminded myself of everything I want to buy this summer to get me through a near enough full time waitressing job. 

But this week has been important!
As mentioned in this week's TiLT I passed my theory test on Thursday, which I am really pleased with and has freed up some time for me! I also met up with my now-landlord to sign the lease on my new flat. And exciting news (for me at least) I get to live in this one alone! Yes, no more fretting about bills being paid, other people's mess and being woken up! I have had a hellish past with flatmates (which resulted in 3 weeks of homelessness at one point!) and I cannot wait to have my own space. Many people looked shocked when I say I'm gonna live by myself and some even ask me if I'll be okay! 

What I've Been Eating.
Fennel! Which I didn't even like that much in the end. I didn't have it mixed in with anything so that may have it? I love onions but obviously an onion is too strong to just eat by itself. Maybe fennel is the same - anyone know?

 What I've Been Buying
Having been in town twice this week for other reasons (lease signing and theory testing) I got the chance to look around the shops. In New Look I bought a khaki playsuit/dungarees (is there a proper name for dungarees that aren't full length?) but can't do a proper outfit post until I work out which one of my tops can be worn underneath (this cannot be worn itself!). I also bought a new nail shade. I love nailpolish but it's not my most important priority financially so I tend to pick them up now and again. I've been wanting a shade like this for ages now but spent some time deciding between that, grey, mint green and white. I'm yet to try it but I'm sure I will blog about it when I do. 

What I've Been Clicking On 
Google+ of course! I was lucky enough to get an invite from Donna through the walkround. So far it's looking promising but I still shudder at the thought of non-internet savvy people taking over it. You know, teenage photographers and mothers who don't understand that only they think the world revolves around their kid.  The interface is clean and its easy to use and I love the circles concept! My internet's been pretty temperamental this week so I've not been checking out many blogs. 

I hope you had a good week as well!

Morag x

1 July 2011

Down the market: natural beauty products and my newest vegetable

Is anyone else a lover of market stalls? Anyone prefer them to actual shops?

I do!

I still love the Co-op's and Lush's of this world however I love the uniqueness and atmosphere of a street market. It was a coincidence that I ended up in the city centre of Aberdeen today on the same day as the Aberdeen International Street Market but I'm glad I did. Fresh food, jewellery that no one else is likely to own and handmade soaps! Lovely!

Some natural soaps I picked up

One of my New Year's resolutions was to slowly replace my beauty products with natural ones. However with Lush being so expensive and me being a student I struggled to achieve this goal. After forgetting to go to Lush today to get the new Teeth tabs I luckily stumbled upon a stall selling soaps, bath salts, bath fizzies and other such goodness. I spent a while debilitating over the various goodies and picked up these three gems (3 for £5 which, compared to Lush, is an absolute bargain!). Unfortunetly I didn't get the name of the stall encase they had an online store and I also didn't get the names of the products :( I remember that the green bar was Tea Tree and Cucumber and predictably is for troubled skin. The yellow bar is another soap bar and I remember it catching my eye because the description mentioned "deodorising"; originally I was looking for something zesty to wake me up in the morning ^_^ The blue one is a shampoo bar and this is my first experience using one. This one definitely has Generanium though I cannot remember the other ingredients. I was originally debating between the bar for normal hair and the one for greasy hair but was told this one would be good because it balances out the hair upon telling the seller that only my roots are greasy. Expect a review within the next few weeks!

My newest edition to my jewellery collection

Another stall that caught my eye was a French owned jewellery one. I haven't owned a watch since I was 17 and I've been thinking I should pick one up (even though I always use my phone anyway). There were a few charm bracelets with a small dainty watch and I decided this one was my fav. Sorry for the lack of detail; I'm still yet to properly sit down with the DLSR and go through it's settings. It jingle's a lot and it reminds me of my style at 13 which included a lot of bracelets :D

Taking pictures of my newest vegetable if it were my newborn

I also went past the fresh fruit stall an phoned my dad asking if he wanted anything fresh. Upon hearing "use your own judgement" I naturally chose the food that we never have in the house (most people like to go with what they know, myself on the other hand, am quite the opposite). ^_^ I was told Fennel is good in soups and with fish and being the vegetarian that I am it looks like I'll be making some soup soon!

Does anyone else like markets or are you into the store names?

Morag x

P.S. I also bought new dungarees so my How I Looked posts should be making a comeback. Yay for earning money again!