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Tabletop games that I've played recently

If there's anything that makes the geek police issue me a warning, it's not being a massive fan of computer games. Don't get me wrong, I like them but it takes a lot for me to become immersed in a game for hours (Portal 1/2 and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince are the only three games that have ever had that effect on me).

So even I was surprised when I discovered a new hobby in the world of board and card games. I've been drawn to this hobby for years, but it's not exactly a solo activity that you can randomly pick up yourself. It was only near the close of 2016 that one of the girls who runs the vegan meet-up group I regularly attend mentioned that she was a massive fan - and then arranged a vegan meet-up in the Saramango Cafe where we could all try her games (while munching on delicious vegan food). She then told me about Dice Roll Cafe (a fortnightly games event in the CCA) that she regularly attends and assured me it wasn't full of those sort of geeks (back in my former Dundee life, I did stop by a gaming shop with an ex and it was full of creepy guys who kept staring at me).

I've now become a bit of a regular at Dice Roll Café and below I've compiled a quick round-up of what I've played over the last few weeks. I'm still no expert on board games, and there's definitely better bloggers out there who could provide more in depth reviews, but I thought I'd just give a little snapshot of what is out there.

Sushi GO! Party

I only played this for the first time recently but I think it's one of the best games for beginner gamers (it would also be good for older children). A mat is placed in the middle with cards that represent different Japanese foods, with varying levels of points. Each player is given a set amount of cards that match the foods on the mat. Each player then picks one card to keep and passes the rest on. The winner is the person who scores the most points after three rounds (effectively the person who's cards match the mat most closely).

DC Monopology

Monopoly isn't a serious game yadadada. Whatever. I like it. Especially when the London streets are turned into DC superheroes (even if they did stick Batgirl on Old Kent Road - what?!). The concept is exactly the same as the original game (and yes, I play by the proper rules) but just with an extra nerd-out for us DC fans.

Ultimate Werewolf

This was my first venture into an elimination game where players need to take on a persona and convince the other players of their innocence. In Ultimate Werewolf most of the players will be either a werewolf or villager, though other characters can be brought in depending on how big your group is (both times I've played I've been either the Witch or Sorcerer). I enjoyed it but given that I'm the worst liar ever I wouldn't say I was very good.


This was a very similar concept to Ultimate Werewolf except it is witches versus villagers and the game has more components. Each player picks a character (who has unique special abilities) and is given five cards to sit face down in front of them. Some of these cards (the number will depend on the amount of players) will have the word witch on them, but only the owner will know (with the ultimate aim of the game being to find out who has these cards). Plus, on each round every player can either draw a new "action" card or play one from their hand. Primarily these action cards are evidence cards that you can put down in front of other players - and when a player has seven evidence cards in front of them, they have to turn over one of their cards (potentially revealing them as a witch).

Marrying Mr Darcy

I laughed when I picked this up, and I knew I had to play it. The aim of the game is to marry somebody, which gave me severe eye roll (I know it's meant to be tongue in cheek, but meh). The game has several elements: the suitor cards are placed up in the middle, each player picks a female character card, and every player picks up an event card on their round. Throughout the game players also collect reputation cards and cunning cards (effectively the person who collects the most cunning cards and the best reputation cards will get first choice of suitor). Tbh, if you couldn't tell, this was my least favourite of the games I've played so far.

Cards of Humanity

But you knew about this game already though?


If you want to get into tabletop games but you're friends aren't interested, I really recommend Dice Roll Café. I can assure you it's not like other game shops full of 'proper' nerds or smelly boys. And if you're scared of going along - give me a shout and I'll let you know which one I'm next free for.
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