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Christmas gifts for your loyal Hufflepuff friend

1. This poster to display proudly on their wall. 

2. Or this understated one for their side table

3. This Hufflepuff tea blend.

4. And this super-cute mug to drink it from

5. Or go one step more, and get them a customised mug

6. Hufflepuffs love their food, so they would totally love a copy of this

7. And they'd like this cookie cutter. 

8. Hufflepuffs also love Herbology, so will totally appreciate a flower crown in their house colours

9. Or this creepy but cute mandrake pin. 

10. And they love to pay homage to Newt Scamander, the most famous Hufflepuff of all, with a copy of the Fantastic Beasts screenplay. 

11. Or a Newt Scamander Funko Pop

13. Or, if they have that one already, opt for Cedric Diggory.

(You will have to look second hand for this - I can't find many aside from eBay)

14. They'll also need a bookmark. 

15. And a blanket to wrap around them.

16. And a candle that makes their room smell like the cosy Hufflepuff common room

17. A badger pin

18. And this Hufflepug pin

19. These Blackmilk leggings to show off their pride

20. And a themed box to store it all in. 

morag | mo adore
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