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How I stay organised at my 'real' job

Hands up if you love a desk tour blog post!

*Both my hands up, waving them about like I just don't care*

I'm a nosey parker and love seeing how people choose to organise their lives. As beautiful as these desk tours are however, most of them just don't apply to me or provide me with any actionable inspiration. I don't work from home and when I do blog, it's usually from my bed. The only desk I see on a regular basis is the one at my 9-5 job, which I know doesn't sound super glamorous but I'm lucky enough to work somewhere where I don't have to hide the quirky and can bring in super cute stationery and no one would blink twice or treat me like a little girl.

I've been at my current work for over a year and now have a system of organisation that works for me, and keeps me on top of the fast-passed social media and copywriting environment. I'm not going to share a picture of my actual office but I've included links below and the photo above is stationery I actually own.

Desk Planner
For my birthday last year, my work mates bought me this pretty desk planner from Paperchase, and I honestly don't know how I managed to organise myself before it came into my life. It has a 7-day diary where I can input any routine meetings, tasks and deadlines - such as weekly reports that are due on certain days etc. Plus, the to-do list is obviously very handy. I'll admit I don't use the urgent tab or the built-in sticky notes very much though. 

List Book
Prior to my desk planner, my list book was my holy grail of organisation. While it's been replaced as my core organisational stationery, I still find use for it. The A5 rip-off sheets are what I use when I need to staple a piece of paper onto a document (such as feedback on work I've proof-read for someone). I still use the included sticky to-do list label to keep a list of smaller tasks that need done as part of a wider campaign that I then attach to that campaign's file.  

Multiple notebooks
I know some people (and by some, I mean everyone in the office I can see from my desk) prefers to have one notebook for all meetings, projects and random scribbles, but I work better with separate pads for separate tasks. I'm not saying I have a dedicated notebook for every campaign (because that would be excessive) but I have a meeting notepad, a content writing notepad, social media campaigns notepad, and a cruise notebook. I find it easier to find my notes from the morning meeting if I don't have to flick through 10 pages of more up-to-date scribbles.

Magazine File
Since my job is primarily a copywriting job, managers usually pass me magazines and brochures that are incredible sources of inspiration. The industry magazines are eventually moved to an official filling cabinet but I like to keep a copy of all our recent holiday brochures (and those of our suppliers) beside me for quick reference. And this woodland creature themed magazine file is the cutest, no?

Titled Sticky Notes
These cute owl sticky notes (that I don't think you can buy now) were one of the first things I bought when I started my current job. I still have them and they live propped up against my aforementioned magazine file. I don't use them that often as - truth be told - they don't stick very well, but they do come in handy for quick reminders that need that need to be kept within my eye-line. 

E-mail Rules/Re-directs
Like most offices we use Microsoft 360 and, like most offices, I'm included in many group e-mail addresses where only 10% of the e-mails actually apply to me. To keep on top of this I use the Rule feature (which I only discovered a month ago and it's helped me organise myself so much). The general jist is: you set up folders for each group e-mail address and have all emails go straight into them, keeping my inbox free for e-mails that are sent directly to me. Then remembering to periodically check the other folders every hour to catch the 10% of emails that are relevant. 

It's the best thing I've ever done for my inbox. Here's how to set them up yourself

Bulldog clips
When I'm preparing for a meeting I use bulldog clips to keep all the documents together. I also put a slip of paper from my list book in the front to remind myself of things I need to bring up.

List of phone numbers
Every now and then a Word document is sent round with a list of phone numbers and we're asked to print it off for our own reference. I'm a complete rebel and make my own with phone number that I know I need close at hand. I keep it sellotaped to the edge of my desk top monitor. 

Other handy stationery I keep nearby: 
Stapler, paper clips, poly pockets, and highlighters!

What's your must-have stationery, either at work or for your home office?

morag | mo adore
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