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That compulsory 2017 goals post

Like, I know I said in my 2016 round-up post that everything is weaving together quite nicely and that I'm happy with the way things are going - but a girl is still allowed a few goals, right?

If you've been reading my blog for the last few years (my blog will be six years this month!) then y'all know I love a goal and a promise to myself. Specifically a new year's resolution because - while you can make a change at any time of year - there is something about new Filofax inserts that brings it out in me. As stated, life is going pretty well for me so I have no grand plans for change but just a few tiny little things that I could maybe work on.  

1. Become a proper adult with fancy (but ethical) finances
I've always been good with money, and have very rarely asked my parents for hand-outs. So good that I have quite a large amount of money saved up, which I plan to buy a property with. Only problem: this money is not saved in a proper savings account and I, erm, should probably do something about that. And while I'm at it, I should also shop around for a new current account that matches my needs and isn't just the bank my parents chose for me when I was five. And get a credit card for online purchases/buying stuff near the end of the month. 

And wtf is ethical banking I hear you cry? Read more here. And here. And here

2. Stop waiting for other people to make plans
If you're sensing a bit of de-ja-vu, that's because this has been a resolution before. I'm awwwfulll at making plans. Don't get me wrong, if a friend contacts me and asks if I want to do lunch or be their holiday buddy, I am so there. But, me, make plans? Lol. 

I don't know if it's due to my introverted nature (because, seriously four weekends of socialising in a row would drive me mad) or because I don't mind doing things myself which, uh, sometimes results in me forgetting to check if someone else would like to join in. 

I need to sort this shizz. 

3. Be more confident and vocal at work
Work is going well. I'm doing what I love in an exciting industry, and I like the people I work with. I'm being challenged in such as way where I'm growing, but I'm not being challenged so much that I feel like I'm drowning. And the social media department won a company award at the staff awards night. So that's nice. 

I also feel like my own skill set is diverse and improving by the day. Aside from one skill: being vocal. In my own team I'm quite confident but the minute I go into a meeting with management my brain turns to mush and all I can hear in my own head is SPEAK! SAY WORDS! YOU'VE GOT GOOD IDEAS, SHARE THEM WOMAN! I've always been quiet and I'm proud of being an introvert and I'm not looking to change my personality - but if there's anything that is going to hold me back career-wise it's the way I blend into the background a little.

4. Don't shy away from difficult conversations
Continuing on from the point above, I need to get better at having those 'difficult' conversations with people. And by better I mean actually pluck up the courage to have them in the first place. I've actually fallen out with people in the past due to my inability to be straight up honest with them. Because - even though I don't directly say anything to them - it's obvious something is bothering me. 

5. Bring my ethics into my wardrobe
It's not just my finances that are seeking an ethical make-over this year. In mid-2016 I managed to find myself on a streak of only buying vintage/second-hand clothes or pieces from independent retailers. And that's a streak I want to maintain into 2017. 

But not just maintain; I want to step it up a notch. By the close of 2017 I want to be stylishly ethical. I haven't shared an outfit post in what feels like forever (29th of August 2015 to be exact) because in my quest to be ethical my wardrobe has become a bit drab and I've honestly become a little self conscious about it. Even though ethical shopping should make me feel good, it has resulted in me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. 

I've already identified a few key vintage stores in Glasgow, have downloaded Depop onto my tablet, have Nobody's Child permanently bookmarked and I'm keeping a closer eye on independent designers that sell purse-friendly items. If you have any tips I would be very grateful if you would share them, as this is one resolution where I reckon I'll need all the help I can get.

6. Keep taking it easy
2016 was the year I took things easy and stopped pushing myself to be here, there and everywhere. Because after three years of pushing myself on my blog, at work and taking god-knows-how-many online courses, I got a job I love at the end of 2015 - and I basically spent the last year of my life having a well-earned rest.

Part of me did think about creating a resolution to get off my bum again and be that goal crushing over-achiever that I once was. But after a think, I realised I've been a lot happier this year because I have a much better work/play balance than I ever have had in my life. So I'll watch lots of Netflix if I please, ta.

To ethical finances, plan-making, confidence, conscious fashion choices and sitting on my backside!

 Morag x
morag | mo adore
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