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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

So, 2016?

I know what everyone is thinking about round up posts to conclude 2016: we probably shouldn't bother writing one as it has been a shit year yah ahahssshaha. Election fuck-ups and dead celebrities aside, some good things have happened. No really: humpback whales are no longer endangered, the ozone layer is repairing itself, global malaria is down by 60%, there's now an ebola vaccine, tiger numbers have grown for the first time in 100 yearsSea World is finally getting what has always been coming to it and Leo won that goddam Oscar! 

On a personal note, 2016 has been a good year for me (something I almost feel guilty saying). Not because of any noteworthy event such as getting engaged or a promotion, 2016 was just the year where things clicked for me. At the start of the year I exclaimed that this was the first NYE in sometime when I felt genuinely excited for my future. And that still stands: I'm happy with where my life is going and everything has fallen into place for me. 
(Cat is out the bag; I'm a sociopath)

A few people have asked me - and by a few people I mean, like, 3 people - why I don't blog as much and if everything is okay. Everything is fine. I had previously been using blogging as a career building tool, hence a blog 4 times a week and numerous brand partnerships. At the end of 2015 I finally got my foot properly in the door of a job that allows me to do what I love, and my blog shifted to being personal. I still love blogging, and will never give it up, but I'm loving blogging on my own terms and I don't see myself returning to those stressy weirdo days with my head in my inbox. 

However, no year is 100% perfect (just as 2016 hasn't been 100% imperfect) and some of you will be aware that this was the year that I lost my gran. She was a private lady and that's why I've refrained from speaking about her passing publicly, aside from one Instagram of the beautiful ring she left me. While I loved my gran and miss her dearly, she passed the way we all ideally would: well into old age, with no major health problems, mentally sharp enough to enjoy her last few years, lived long enough to see her grandchildren grow up, and had reached a point where she no longer feared death and accepted that we all have to reach the sky one day.  I've lived my life somewhat unhappily for a few years now and I'm full of love that she lived long enough to see me happy once again. 

2016, you were definitely something. I don't want to take away from how shit this year has been for some people - especially those who will be directly squished-on because of shitty elections. But on the whole I was content and my emotions were positive. And that's not something I've been able to say in an end-of-year round-up since 2012. So thank you for something. 

morag | mo adore
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