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Summer Plans and to-dos

I can't be bothered taking photos, so here's an Instagram from 2012. 

It's that time of year where the sun starts shining and you can wear clothes that show off a bit more skin.

Well, maybe you can if you're not living in Glasgow. Where it was sunny (with a bit of warmth) last week but has now returned to it's usual state of at-least-its-warmer-than-January summer. I love you Glasgow, but boy do I wish you packed a bit more heat.

Since Scotland seems to have officially welcomed in summer (ha!) it's maybe time to discuss what I'm up to in these (lightly) warmer months. I mean, every blogger and their dog is writing about their summer plans right now and it saves me having to come up with an original blog post idea (or finalise the twenty something drafts). Plus, I probably have the most exciting summer since I stopped being a student planned

Travel Plans
I've not mentioned this publicly yet and very few people actually know: but I'm off on my first overseas trip with work. At the end of May I'll be heading out on my very first cruise and I could not be more excited about it. I'll be heading to Amsterdam on the Celebrity Silhouette, and it looks so good. For anyone going "but haven't you just been to Amsterdam" that was exactly my reaction when I was asked about the trip. But I was informed I'd only have an hour in the city and the educational trip would be about experiencing the ship. I was cynical but the deal-sealer came when I found the ship would be one of the Celebrity fleet, as I had been eyeing up these ships for myself anyway.

Outside of cruising I also have a few UK trips that I still need to organise. Obviously I need to visit my parents in Aberdeenshire, which I aiming for in late July/early August. I've not had a proper week at home since last summer due to work and I'm looking forward to putting my feet up in the countryside. I've also learned of a new vegan-friendly café, a health food store and a vegan-friendly beauty parlour in the city itself that I can't wait to pop in by. Me and Louise have been speaking about me visiting her in Manchester since she moved but we're talking about it a lot more seriously now, so hopefully this summer is when we'll finally organise something. One of my best friends also just accepted a Masters offer at Sheffield so I have a reason now to visit an English city I've never been to before (though my first visit will more likely be into Autumn).

I'm attending my very first birthday party of the summer tomorrow night. After that it's time to get excited about the 21st of Charlotte in July. Can't wait to see one of my youngest friends hit the big adult number of 2-1 (you'll be my age soon enough, Charlotte).

So far this year I've only seen Alien Ant Farm in January and Vanessa Carlton just this past month. But I already have two more lined up for June. Firstly there's Bruce Springsteen which will be my very first Hampden (and stadium) concert. I have to admit I'm not what you would consider to be a massssivvvveeeee fan of 'The Boss' but I'm excited to see a living legend play (and I've heard he puts on a mighty good show from Lis). Secondly there's my Nelly concert. I know, I don't look like a Nelly fan and you'd probably expect me to be a bigger Springsteen fan. Alas, Nelly is one of my all-time favourites. Yes. Ride Wit Me is my party tune, Dilemma is a classic, and Just a Dream came out right after a difficult break-up and helped me during that gut-retching time. Nelly is my homeboy.

Geek stuff
As we all know - well everyone who is a geek, at least - summer marks the start of con season. Glasgow Comic Con is early July while I have to wait until September for the massive MCM Scotland Comic Con. But I have a geek every wayyyyy more exciting coming up. It's still ages away - and I still can't believe it's happening - but in August I'll be at the Glasgow Film & Comic Con where I've already booked my ticket to meet James Masters who played Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm still convinced it's a massive scam despite his official Facebook page sayings it's legit. I hope I'm not jinxing anything.

I can't wait to attend these events with the Glasgow chapter of the Girl Geek Brunch. I was also at a girls night at Forbidden Planet two weeks ago (no smelly boys allowed) that I'm hoping will become a more regular thing. 

P.S. If you're looking for stuff to do, check out my events page. I update it semi-regularly-ish. 
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