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5 Reasons to Take a Blog Hiatus

In early November, I took a blog hiatus. 

Not really by choice. I was made redundant and I had, by far, more important things to be doing than writing facewash reviews. By early December I was employed again (in two jobs: one office and one bar) but decided I wouldn't make an 'official return' (I know that makes me sound like a twat) until the new year.

I decided to extend the original time frame because during my break I had an epiphany (again, I know I sound like a twat) that I should have been having these blog breaks all along. It was good for myself, and it was good for my blog (I was also thinking of saying my soul and chi as well, but that would be extra twaty).

And I reckon I'll be having the occasional one again in the future, but hopefully not because of redundancy. Here's why you should consider a blog break too:

1. Re-fuel your creativity
Blogging requires your creative juices to be flowing freely. But when you're writing four blog posts a week, and then putting together social media updates, taking photos, and writing e-mails to PR people, it's quite easy to hit a creative road block. Step back, go outside and let ideas come to you naturally. That's what I did, and I'm proud of some of the ideas that came to me during this time (as opposed to laying in bed with my laptop forcing myself to think of a Saturday morning post idea).

2. Work on some background maintenance
Been wanting to sit down and create a product directory for your reviews? Or a map? Or write an eBook? Just because you're not writing posts, doesn't mean you can't be working on your blog in another way.

3. It's the perfect time to install a new layout
Something I was personally working on in the background? The new layout in front of you. The old one was two years old and it was making me irrationally angry. When I came to install it, there were a few things that didn't transfer well and needed re-tweeked. However, because no one was really stopping by I was free to experiment and allow for mishaps.

4.  You might be flattered by how many people still stop by
Despite posting a grand total of three blog posts between November and January, my page views did not drop nearly as much as they could have. I like to think this is because people were hunched over their keyboards in anticipation for my return, but it was probably my blog posts that perform well in Google bringing people though. In all seriousness though, if you were someone who continued to stop by despite my absence: I like you and I owe a cake.

5. It's bloody good for you! 
There's a reason why employers, by law, have to give their employees 28 days holiday a year: it's good for their health, both mentally and physically. Blogging sure as hell can be a 'job' that's hard to switch off from, but like any job it is essential to do so.

So if you're feeling a bit of blogger burnout - or even if you're not - switch off the laptop, put your feet up and give yourself some time off.

morag | mo adore
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