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My 5 Favourite Bloggers on Snapchat

I think we can say Snapchat can be a bit of a love or hate thing. 

Personally, I love it and it's one of the first social media apps I open in the morning to check what various celebrities, bloggers and friends have been up to. It took me a while to get into it, and it can be confusing at first but now it's a staple in my social networking habits. 

Now that it has become a mainstream network and not just a way to send a cheeky nude to bae, bloggers have been jumping on the bandwagon and it's even been argued that now it's an essential network for bloggers to be active on. I've rounded up my five favourite bloggers who brighten up my Snapchat feed. I've got a few Snapchat blogger round-ups in the works (such as vegan bloggers and Scottish bloggers) but for my first one I'm sharing the bloggers who's accounts I head straight to if I spot there's been an update! 

Lily of Llymlrs

A blogger you're likely following on Snapchat anyway but worth a mention. I've been following Lily for years now (I'm thinking 6 years?) and have always been drawn to her style, sense of humour and accent. She doesn't Snapchat often but when she does its usually funny and features her cat. 

Username: llymlrs

Zoe of Zoe London

If you follow Lily you'll likely be familiar with Zoe as well. Zoe's Snapchat gives you a behind the scenes look at her life from what she's been filming that day and what content we can expect from her later, right through to topping up her beautiful hair colour and showing us what's cooking for dinner. 

Username: zoelondondj

Charlotte of Colours and Carousels

Snapchat is not a social network where people tend to take care over the aesthetics of their pictures. Charlotte is an exception to the rule where she puts just a little bit more effort into her snaps with filters, text and emoticons. She's also funnier than your average Joe too (I remember receiving Snapchats at work when she was still a student on St Patrick's Day and it was humorous, if mild annoying...ha).  

Username: dougallpants

I've seen Sheri describer herself as a 'loud bird with bright hair' and her Snapchats certainly showcase her extroverted energy. While a lot of bloggers take silent selfies and little tiny vlogs of them walking their dogs, Sheri's energetic Snapchats bring a welcomed variety to my feed. Sheri is a girl about town who knows all the hottest places in Glasgow, and is always at a great event. 

Username: foreverursbetty

Sarah of The V Nice Life

If you like chihuahuas then you'll like Sarah's Snapchat. I'm dog broody 90% of the time anyway but it escalates through the roof while I'm watching her videos cuddled up in bed with her dogs. She also eats out a lot and goes on mini-weekends away with her husband so if you're living in the Essex area she's a great source of vegan inspiration. As a bonus: if you experience ASMR you might just get a few tingles off her soothing accent. 

Username: Sarahk1rby
morag | mo adore
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