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Goals for 2016

Towards the end of last year, my mind was certainly not thinking about goals for the new year (it was thinking about which company I could send a speculative application to).

Even as things settled down and I was offered a contract at Barrhead Travel (and also a weekend job in a Glasgow bar), my head was still fuzzy and couldn't focus on something flimsy like a new year's resolution. But as the year became closer to wrapping up I began to miss that feeling of setting my bar higher. Because if you've been reading these parts a while you'll know I'm allll about goal-making and self-improvement.

So here's some goals I came up with while writing this post.

1. Work hard at all my new jobs. 
This is my current workload: SEO Copywriter at Barrhead Travel, Comic Reviewer at the Big Glasgow Comic Page, this blog and bartending/waitressing at a Glasgow establishment. No matter what hat I'm wearing I want to put all my gusto behind it; even when I'm cleaning up drunk people's vomit.

2. Read more books/don't read books I won't enjoy
I've always had a weird relationship with reading. Sometimes it takes me four months to read a book, sometimes it takes me four hours. In 2015, I worked out what genres do nothing for me, and which set my heart on fire. And for the record the latter is feminist prose, graphic novels and fiction aimed at teenagers. 2016 is the year I give up reading books that I know I won't enjoy, because who really should do that after high school?

3. Spend the pot of money I'm sitting on wisely
Silver lining to redundancy: you get paid to leave.

Two jobs: truck load of money.

Therefore, it might not come as much surprise that I'm currently sitting on quite a bit of savings. Whilst the temptation to spend it all on high-end beauty products or a new wardrobe is very tempting, I would quite like something to show for the past few months and for the months I worked my ass off at two jobs. I have a few ideas ranging from a holiday (which is the promise I made to myself to get a new job quickly), a Playstation, an expensive but worthwhile qualification, finishing the decor of my flat, something to charity and stashing at least some of it as longer-term savings.

4. Get my eating back on track
A vice I've always had has been losing my appetite during stressful situations (and when I do eat, it's junk food). During my redundancy period my old habit came back to say hello and I lost a lot of weight. I'm employed and eating again, but I still need to get back into the habit of healthy set meals and make up for the nutrients lost.

5. My blog will be about quality and not quantity
My blog is not my job, and I don't want it to be my job. Forcing myself to write four blog posts a week was ridiculous, partially because the quality was suffering. If my typos or half-assed reviews put you off before, they won't be an issue in the new year. Even if it means only writing two blog posts a week, I promise to make those two blogs writing to be proud of.

This also means Linkables is becoming a monthly thing, because it takes longer to put those posts together than you'd think. And it means more time to do the non-writing parts of running a blog, like badgering cosmetic companies.

I'm excited for 2016, and I hope you are too!

morag | mo adore
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