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My Whimsical To-Do list!
In 2010, this was a quote in my Filofax. I needed that quote then, and I needed it again in 2016. 

So 2015 definitely had it's mishaps. 

My Great Uncle died, my Grandmother moved into sheltered housing (after a shaky phone call from my dad regarding a bad fall and a trip to A&E), I had to put up with a shockingly awful/bizarre/childish/bratty flatmate for six months, more and more of my university friends left Dundee, one of my best friends in Glasgow moved to China, and I got made redundant.*

So, yes, I have had better years. 

(It's also a reminder that you only see what people choose to put on the internet).

At the end of this year I like to remind myself of 2010. That was also a bad year for me. I lost my flat and had to camp at my then boyfriends, had a close friend wrong me, broke up with my first boyfriend (in fairness, that was my choice) and then had a nasty break-up with my next boyfriend (which wasn't my choice). But then 2011 ended up being one of my best years to date, and I think it was largely because the bad events of 2010 pushed me to better my life (which included starting my blog, giving up meat, securing my first marketing job and finally standing up to my chronic shyness)

So here's to a new year, because sometimes we really need one. 

P.S. I know this post is a bit sombre, so I'm adding a note that everything is looking *thumbs-up* for 2016. I have three (!!) new jobs (more on that soon) and my social life in Glasgow took off in 2015. For the first time in years (maybe since 2012) I am genuinely excited at what the future holds. And not excited in a 'I keep writing daily mantras telling myself everything will be okay' kind of excited - I'm genuinely in a good place and don't need to pep talk myself in the mirror any more.

*I actually hated my previous job and my new years resolution in 2015 was to finally get the fuck out of there. Which I did, in a more roundabout/stressful way. Every cloud. 
morag | mo adore
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