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27 October 2015

Sorbet Sundae at JellyBear, Merchant City

sorbet sundae jellybear

If you live in Glasgow - or even somewhere else - you've probably not escaped the hype of JellyBear, a dessert parlour in Merchant City. Now a dessert parlour is hardly something that conjures up an image of vegan havana and I had pretty much dismissed JellyBear the same way I would dismiss most dessert menus. 

But upon a recent rendezvous with Lisa, Charlotte and Hayley it was suggested we head out slightly east to Jelly Bear. My initial reaction was...."uhhhh". Then I hype my Facebook and noticed that three people on my Facebook friends list had liked the page. One being Lis herself, and the other two being vegan pals. So my day was set. I could go to the dessert parlour. 

I knew upon going their that my options would be sorbet. Sorbet is kind of like the time I went to London and ate at a falafel place despite all the other more interesting vegan places I could have ate - we vegans are very accustomed to sorbet (and falafel). But alas this was a slightly interesting sorbet than usual. For one it was a sundae. Three different sorbets scooped into a sundae glass with pistachio nuts and a wafer to boot! The sorbet was also creamy and not some water drizzle like some sorbets are....

So not a vegan Havana. But if your friends want to go there for brunch you know you won't have to sit their with juice. They've also announced their expansion to include 'HealthyBear' which might have some kale or something... 

jellybear picnic area

JellyBear itself is also....cute? It has two floors, the parlour down below and an eating area upstairs. The eating area upstairs consisted of normal chairs and tables like a normal café but also a picnic area with bean bags on the floor. We sat on the beanbags.

You also can't go wrong with somewhere that has "I like being skinny but I like dessert more" written on their walls. 

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  1. Never heard of this, sounds yummy though! I've always preferred sorbet to ice cream, especially if it's made into a sundae! Mmm lemon and mango sorbet with pineapple chunks on top and dark chocolate....

    amber love


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