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5 September 2015

Wanderlusting: Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon

If you're a regular reader (especially of my Linkables series) you'll know that I have got a small bit of a USA obsession. And it doesn't probably come as a surprise that my travel bucket list includes quite a bit of the American states. In fact, not that long ago I whittled my travel bucket list down to just three places and one of those places was "a random American state". 

I was lucky enough growing up that my parents took me on holiday to some of the 'major' American cities and states: Florida including Orlando, Miami and the Keys (the final of which are beautiful); Southern California for Sans Fransisco, San Diego and Los Angeles; Nevada for the lights (but not gambling because I was six, ha!) and Arizona for the heat and desert. And whilst these places were all beautiful and amazing in their own right, I've always had an itch to visit somewhere which isn't one of the big tourist destinations (though the Big Apple would be wonderful and I've already worked out that the State of New Jersey is a quick train ride away). 

One of the more 'random' cities that has always stood out to me has been Portland in the Pacific North West state of Oregon. It first came onto my radar when I was in my mid-teens and was hanging out on message boards which were for the most part populated by Americans as I waited for the British Isles to catch up on my internet addiction (I originally - embarrassingly now - thought the acronym OR meant Orlando). Whilst a lot of these blogs and individuals will have fallen off my radar two that have passed the test of time has been the fabulous Shauna of  Nubby Twiglet and also Tashina of Logical Harmony who has lived in California for the entire time I've read her blog but is originally from Portland. Shauna's blog in particular always has bits and pieces from around her city. Wanderlust indeed. 

Portland trip: Vegan Cheese

In their recent issue, VeganLife* ran a piece on the vegan food offering in Portland. Photographer Annika Lundkvist stopped by Portland for a week on her move from Hawaii to Connecticut and wrote a piece for the magazine of the vegan options she found. I had already known that Portland had a booming vegan scene but I wasn't quite aware of how much there was, or had done any research on the actual establishments. 

For my own list and any of you who might be making a visit to Portland in the near future some of the places she stopped by (out of the massive list of places in the city) include: 

And I discovered a vegan 'mini-mall' exists! 

As far as fulfilling my drem of visiting a slightly more offbeat American city is safe to say Portland still stands quite high at the top of that list. 


  1. I wrote a similar piece about loving Oregon haha! it's here if you're interested: https://lilyboxes.wordpress.com/2015/05/15/dreaming-of-oregon/

  2. I've got my eye on Portland too :D Weirdly, none of my US adventures have taken me to the west coast yet and I know there are a few longtime friends of mine getting a bit annoyed by it..!

    I managed eight states in seven days once, That was fun. Will get a few more next month, even though I'll just be passing through on the train...

    Lis / last year's girl x

  3. I'm heading out to Portland next year as part of a whole West Coast USA road trip (and following a year in Asia) and I cant wait to try out the vegan food there! It looks like an awesome place, and that's not just because I'm a little obsessed with Portlandia!

    Trudi/A Lazy Girl Goes Green xx


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