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Coping with travel sickess

Coping with travel sickness

With any luck this post will be successfully scheduled to go live when I am leaving my Glasgow flat to pop down to Leeds to visit one of my university friends for her birthday. The joy (and frustration) of scheduled posts. 

So yay! Excitement! Drink! Night Out! New city! But with every trip I make I have to factor in my health and manage my travel sickness. It's been something that's followed me since childhood and hasn't improved as I've entered adult life. Anyone who also experiences travel sickness will also know the dread that comes with an upcoming long trip. As I've not managed to find a cure and it's something that I appear to not have outgrown I have been forced to only learn to manage it (and thankfully I have not thrown up in years, though it's still horribly uncomfortable).

I've developed a few coping techniques for when I know I'm taking a long trip, and here's some of the things I've learnt over the years. 

- Take your travel sickness tablets to the letter
My preferred choice is Stugeron. Sometimes on a shorter journey I can get away with popping one before I travel. But on a longer journey I take them to the letter. On a bus trip to Paris (from Aberdeen) when I was 13 I made it the whole way down with no stomach sicky feeling after I took my medication to the letter. 

- Consider the mode of transportation
It's annoying but when I'm booking transport I can't book myself onto whatever happens to be cheapest. I have to annoyingly also take my travel sickness into consideration. Its not nice for my bank balance but for a comfortable journey where I still have energy at the end it means a train to see my parents in Aberdeen, the quickest available bus to Dundee and taking the train down to Leeds, when some of these options are rarely the cheapest.

- Look out for routes which stop off somewhere
My train to Leeds includes a half hour stop over in Carlisle which nicely breaks up the journey. Just don't go something with a five minute window to switch trains...

- Be punctual and pick your seats
I've always been punctual (for everyone).  The benefits include picking the best seat at the theatre, in a restaurant or on the Megabus. Where I sit can make a big different to how I feel when travelling. 

- Listen to music (or something else to concentrate on)
Reading or playing games is considered a no-no when travelling for the travel sickness inclined. I always take my iPod because it gives my brain something else to concentrate on. 

- Eat something nutritional, but light, beforehand
It's a double edged sword. But my travel sickness can be made worse by eating too much beforehand or travelling on an empty stomach. I eat a big meal a few hours beforehand and have something light before getting aboard. Seems to work.

- Stay calm and keep your anxiety under control
When I travel I get nervous because I expect to feel like s***. Which makes it worse than it has to be. Sometimes on long journeys I just want off the damn train already which can lead to a claustrophobic feeling. I have to remember to calm down and take deep breaths. 

- Be honest and assertive
I sometimes feel as if my travel sickness isn't taken seriously and I should just pop a few pills and be quiet. When I'm travelling with a group of people I need to put my assertive hat on and not make excuses about the fact that this happens to me, and I need to work it into my plans. And remind them that unless they want me puking on their lap they better take me seriously. 

- But if you are forced into the backseat of the car, take the middle seat
Cause you can still look ahead. As if you were in the front (just with less legroom).

What are your tips for coping with travel sickness?

morag | mo adore
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