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12 August 2015

Tropical Coconut Smoothie Cocktail

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Let's be honest, the weather Scotland has been having this summer hasn't exactly made any of us reach for the smoothie maker. It's a bit wet, cold and my balcony has seen a lack of action. 

But sometimes you really just want a cocktail (which you choose to drink inside). Alpro recently sent me over a carton of their new Coconut Almond drink which I've already used to create a Banana and Coconut Cake smoothie, but later on I began to get the urge to create something of the alcoholic persuasion. 

But it's probably still a recipe you'll need to tuck away until next summer. 

Selection of tropical fruit medley (I picked one up from Co-op)
one sliced banana
200ml Alpro Coconut Almond Milk*
25ml of Malibu rum 

Blend together for a a fruit smoothie with just something a tiny bit extra. 

What's your favourite way to mix alcohol into your smoothies? 


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