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A walk around Hazelhead Park


When you think of cities you don't tend to think of big open grassy areas. It's one of the main reasons all my countryside preferring friends cite as their reasons for preferring to live out of town. However no matter what city you're in you'll find a wide stretch of grass somewhere. 

When I was up visiting my parents in Aberdeenshire in June, we hopped into the city itself for some shopping and on the way back out stopped by Hazelhead Park for a stroll. For the out-of-towners Hazelhead is suburb to the west of the city and the park is one of the biggest parks in the granite city. 

hazelheadpark 2

A walk through here did bring back some childhood memories, primarily the maze. It's a bit upsetting to see it's no longer being manned as once upon timed 'going to the maze at Hazelhead' was seen as a good day out. However, someone still cuts back the hedges and you can still go in have a wonder about. I did kind of want to explore properly but my mum didn't fancy having to come in and find me ha.

hazelhead park 3

Hazelhead Park also has plenty of weird monuments around each corner. Such as this yellow structure. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it wasn't the only oddly formed piece of park architecture that we seen that day.

Hazelhead park 5

I didn't get any pictures on DLSR but Hazelhead Park also hosts the memorial for The Piper Alpha disaster. Back in 1988 an oil platform in the North-Sea exploded and killed 167 people included rescue vessel workers and some bodies were never recovered. The picture above however is of a new 'memory path' where members of the public can have a message for a deceased loved one engraved onto one of the slabs. 

hazelhead park 4

And after you've done that there are plenty of flowers and plants to go and take photos of. I've only just started getting into gardening within the past two years and my horticulture knowledge is still not as high as it could be, but I was loving inspecting the various flowers. Hazelhead Park is still very well looked after and great a weekend stroll. 

I didn't make it around the whole park as it spans such a large area but it's such a nice place to head to on a summer's day. If you're in Aberdeen - either live there or visiting - you should pop by if the granite buildings are getting a bit samey for you. 

morag | mo adore
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