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27 June 2015

When the childhood room becomes the guest room

guest room 1

Not that long ago I was back up at my parents' house in Aberdeenshire to pay them a wee visit. If you've been with my blog for a while you might have seen their house in the background of Instagrams or videos, and spotted that my parents like a bit of interior design. 

Growing up in that house I got to decide the decor of my bedroom at age 10. Being 10...I decided I wanted an underwater theme and spent ages drawing it out on paper and planning things (fun fact: for years I wanted to be a designer of some kind). The final design included fishes on the wall with metallic paint, a sun at one end of roof with glow in the dark stars at the other (with the shade of blue getting gradually darker), a seabed down one wall and an impressive amount of underwater themed stuffed toys and knick knacks (I went through a major dolphin phase). I filmed a video of it two years ago if you want to take a look

guest room 2

However, over the years since I've moved out it has become the guest room and recently my mum decided that it was time to redecorate. And I'm not going to lie it was emotional to hear. However she did include me in the plans and we decided to stick to a nautical theme to pay homage to its previous design. Plus, you can still see my childhood toys used as ornaments. And today I thought I'd give you a look around.

As the room is newly decorated a lot of the furniture you see in the picture is still in the shops. The bed was bought not long after I moved out however the white furniture you see is part of the Flute range from WorldStores.co.uk. The stripy bedsheets you see are Debenhams finest, hough I can't find them on their website anymore! 

guest room 4

The white fluffy carpet is impractical in most situations. However my mum chose it on this occasion as the guest room wouldn't have people walking in and out of it all day (such as the living room). A white carpet has turned out to be one of the most relaxing additions to the room however, and it makes me feel like I might be sitting on a cloud. I was the perfect setting for watching a few ASMR videos.

My mum has always had a good eye for interior design and I think she needs a round of applause. As much as I knew I was going to miss my old room, this was a lovely relaxing room to spend sometime in and I hope you maybe got some ideas for your own guest room.

If you've moved out, have your parents updated your room? And if you're a parent is your kid still at home?

P.S. Remember to watch the room tour on my YouTube channel:


  1. Looks perfect for me to stay in when I come visit Aberdeen ;)
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  2. I also spent my childhood wanting to be one kind of a designer or another (fashion / interior / graphic). Unfortunately, even though I spend years and years designing it, I didn't get my own bedroom until I was 21. I finally got round to decorating it (although all of the early 90s stars & moon logos had gone out of fashion by that point) and then promptly moved out. My little sister then moved in and changed everything :-(

    It's still known as her room, although I maintain that it's mine (she's 29, I'm 37 and we both left home years ago).

    Long story short, I feel your pain!!


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