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My favourite Dundee based-bloggers

dundee blogger

I'm currently in Dundee as this post is going live. This is probably going to be a bittersweet weekend as I am here for a leaving party for one of my few university friends who still live in the city. Don't get me wrong I still know other people who I've met since graduating but there's such a weird feeling crawling over me right now (I'm probably more upset about this than when I left myself almost three years ago). As the amount of people I know in Dundee begins to thin, there's no denying that the amount of time I spend in the city may decrease (and the chances of me moving back - as I had once said I wanted to - may realistically not happen).

I started mo'adore whilst I still lived in Dundee. And back then I used to moan about being the only blogger based in the Dundee area as I watched from afar the Glasgow and Edinburgh blogger groups gain momentum (Glasgow's blogging community was one of my main reasons for moving here). Over the past twelve months I've began to notice an increase in Dundee bloggers, or at least more of them coming onto my radar. Right now, I'm not sure how much Dundee content will continue to pop up on mo'adore after this weekend so for now I've rounded up five of my favourite Dundee based blogs for you to have a nosey at!

Wardrobe Conversations
This blogging duo probably need very little introduction and they're one of my hot new finds of this year. Old school friends from the town of Arbroath, Kimberley now lives in Edinburgh but Helen is now in Dundee. And Helen knows what's hot in Dundee. Thanks to Helen my knowledge of Dundee shops and events has doubled. She's your girl if you fancy a bit of independent shopping in Dundee.

Blog / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

The Artifact
Being based in the town of Montrose, there's an equal amount of Aberdeen and Dundee content on Gemma's blog (and some Glasgow stuff). And it's all art!

Blog / Twitter

The Daydreamer
Okay, I admit. I only found out about this blog because I Googled 'Dundee Blogger' for this post, but you'd think Christina was basing her blog out of LA with her beautiful style and photos. But then she blogs about Hayley Scanlan and the DCA and know I'm right at home.

Blog / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Twenty Something Beauty
Whilst Rachel doesn't blog about Dundee life itself, she was one of the first Dundee bloggers I discovered and I did a quick squeal! If you're wanting your travel and beauty fix sit down with a cuppa and have a read.

Blog / Twitter / Instagram

Oh Hay!
I discovered Lauren's design and lifestyle blog when she designed the header for Charlotte, and I've loved having a good snoop since. She's from Aberdeen and currently studying at Abertay (remind anyone of someone?) for her degree in Graphic Design. I love having a look at her artwork.

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Have I missed anyone out? Who's your favourite bloggers based in the City of Discovery?

morag | mo adore
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