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Filofax, organisation and to-do lists!

Filofax guide

It's something that I'm mocked for by older relatives and my friends alike. Despite being a Gen Y baby (and one is more addicted to the internet than most) when it comes to organisation I'm very much a pen and paper girl. I pay up for a high end Android smartphone each time my contract needs renewed, however no matter how many calender apps I've tried I always keep coming back to my Filofax. 

I was caught up in the Filofax trend back in 2010, after a late night run in with a now classic Gala Darling post. I purchased my first Filofax on my next payday - a yellow one with hearts - and it was my answer to keeping my univeristy life on track: the academia, the dance team, my cupcake society, my part-time job and my social was unlike any other organisation system I'd ever used and the personalisation possibilities was endless. 

Fast forward to 2012 and I graduated. Anyone who has worked full-time knows the struggle it is to get used to it after the student lifestyle. My life was essentially work, come home, watch Hollyoaks and fall asleep. There was no need for an organisational hub in my life. Within the past year, I've become able to maintain multiple hobbies around my adult responsibilities and thus a new Filofax entered my life to contain the madness. 

filofax guide day to a week pages
Filofax 2.0 - the set-up, similarities and my diary pages
I found the personal size to be the perfect size the first time round: has enough room for some notes but also small enough to throw in my work bag. And I've stuck with it. I also found the 'week a day' pages were perfect for giving me a good over view of my week: back at university it helped me fit in my coursework around dancing and running a cupcake society, these days it helps me fit in blog posts around Green Party activities and netball. A quick glance at the weekend let's me know if I need to write Linkables three days earlier that week. I can see if my cosplay costume needs to be made one or two weekends in advanced. I can see if I need to do my weekly swim on the Sunday instead of my preferred Saturday. 

Something I did however change which is a genius idea I can't believe I didn't think of the first time. I only include diary pages for the next six months to keep it clutter-free. When I set it up in January, I only included pages up to July (and stored the others in my old Filofax, which I kept around for storing spare paper in). It's now May and I've removed January - April and added in pages up until November. I did however this time purchase a fold-out horizontal year planner in case there really was something I needed to note down seven months ahead of time. 

filofax dividers for bloggers
Beyond the diary and into the Pinterest friendly extras
I lie a bit. If you look through Pinterest you'll see Filofax p0rn which is colour and sticker co-oradinated to the point where you wonder if these people are for real. (Surely you spend more time making your Filofax pretty than you do actually doing the activities you need a Filofax to stay on top of?). My Filofax isn't the fancy stuff you see on Pinterest/Instagram, it's how a regular person who is busy enough to require a Filofax but is also busy enough that they have better things to be doing than using different coloured pens for different tasks organises theirs (but if stickers are how you roll, you keep doing what you doing!). 

However I've always been a fan of using my Filofax for purposes other than a diary. Back in my 2010 Filofax, nineteen year old me had dividers for my main to-do list, my whimsical to-do list, my gratitude list, music I wanted to download, a page for random inspiration I got from life along the way, and my to-buy list. Each of these dividers came with a doodle of a favourite quote (I cringe). These days my dividers represent my different projects: mo'adore, #cfbloggers, the professional blog/website I've been working on since forever, my full-time job plus a section for other smaller projects and a section for random helpful lists I need to keep nearby (like my packing list for visits to Dundee). Whilst letting you into these sections feels a little more invasive than I am comfortable with I'll let you know that each section contains it's own to-do list and some extra pages to jot down ideas.

I also have a general to-list at the very start of my Filofax where I put my important - and sometimes mundane tasks - like 'phone the council'.

filofax fold our year page

A Filofax for life!
If I could develop a way to organise my life through a smartphone, I would. However, I'm sticking with my pen and paper. And when it comes to pen and paper I consider the Filofax to be in a league way above a basic diary. It will be five years this summer since I made the jump to a Filofax, and I don't foresee myself switching to anything else, ever. I'm very loyal to my Filofax, and not just loyal - brand loyal. When purchasing my recent Filofax I did consider purchasing a binder diary from Paperchase or WHSmith, but Filofax is still a cut above. There's a ton of inserts available on the Filofax website but if none of them takes your fancy there are shops upon shops on Etsy dedicated to quirky and alternative options.

A Filofax is beyond customisable and the possibilities are endless. There are people who use theirs to budget, parents who use to keep on track of their household and bloggers who have organisers just dedicated to their blog. I've got a basic way of organising mine, but everyone is different!

How do you use your Filofax?

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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