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My Top 3 bucket list holiday destinations

top 3 travel destinations

On safari in Zambia, 2012. 

I've admittedly already done quite a bit of travelling, however it has mainly been thanks to my parents (one time I was a proper grown up and paid for a weekend in Dublin myself). Growing up I travelled and went on holiday almost every year (I was the kid who was almost never there on the last day of term). Even though I'm struggling to make travel part of life with my current income, my parents are the type of people who make getting away each year a priority (even when they were earning a lot less than they do now). So thankfully I have been several interesting places already which span four continents and if I get my act together career wise I should hopefully get the final two continents off my list before I turn 30.

But before then I have to dream. Or I can be proactive about it. Whilst my finances don't quite allow for travel outside of the UK I'm chancing my luck on winning a trip to the Artic Circle with Transun to see the Northern Lights. I've been racking my brains to decide out of all the places in the world, which three would be my ultimate trip. And I'm going to apologise now but I chosen some very generic holiday destinations because as much as I would love to sound cool and interesting by picking the back-end of Asia or an obscure Pacific island, in my heart of hearts my top three bucket list holidays are the bog standard ones everyone chooses.

Though in fairness I do have personal reasons for choosing each one, as opposed to a lack of imagination. 

1. Queensland, Australia.
Later this year the Netball World Championship will be held in Sydney. I did genuinely look at flights for this but alas a return flight is more than I earn in one month. So that trip will need to wait until another time (and the next World Championship is being held in the slightly less exotic Liverpool). However, Sydney isn't quite north enough for me as it's the Great Barrier Reef I'm dreaming of. When I go on a beach holiday I spend no time sunbathing on the sand, I'm in the water swimming, snorkeling, pedalo-ing (new word?) or even just splashing about. Diving in this, would be a dream (beats my Saturday morning swim in the council pool...). 

2. New Zealand
Fun fact for you all: my parents lived in NZ in the 80's and if I had been born four years earlier (or my parents had decided to permanently live there) I would have born Kiwi! My parents still speak fondly of the place and even though I've never visited I do feel an attachment to the country I could have been born in. I actually always support the Silver Ferns in the Netball Championships, which always end up being an Aussie versus Kiwi showdown. As for a specific place is NZ? My mum tells me it's Auckland she could see me in but I'm open to anywhere. 

3. A really random American State
My Linkables series always includes an update on the happenings on the other side of the Atlantic and it's quite apparent that I've got a mild obsession with all things state side (I remember reading prospectuses when I was 17 and being tempted by this). I've already been to Florida, California, Arizona and Nevada which are all beautiful states in their own right and I would love to visit again. And as much I would love to see some of the other big destinations such as New York City or Hawaii or go see my relatives in Colorado, I've got such an itching passion to go visit a random American state that most people never remember in the 50 States Game. Like Wyoming, Missouri or Dela-where?

And for the record, I'm awesome at the 50 states game.

Where would you like to visit in the future? Is your top three similar to mine, or would you go somewhere off the beaten path?

Morag x

P.S. If you fancy a trip to Artic Circle as well, you can enter Transun's competition until Thursday night. 
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