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Yes Bar, Glasgow

vegetarian calzone yes bar

The independence referendum may be a half year behind us, but remnants still exist of it in Glasgow - a city where the majority (including myself) said yes even though the overall population said no. A remnant that still exists is the Yes Bar, previously known as the Vesp Bar which changed its name in clear political support of Scottish independence and has continued to trade with this name since. 

My yes-voting foodie friend was through in Glasgow recently and for our Sunday lunch I decided this would be a great time to check it out. I had previously checked the menu and there were plenty of veggie options and plenty that would be vegan. However when we arrived, we were told that there was a function on and they were currently only able to do pizzas. However upon telling them I was vegan they offered to make me my own veggie calzone. 

Admittedly I was skeptical as to how nice it would be, but I was pleasantly surprised. The chef still put a lot of effort into it and included a bunch of herbs to app layers to the taste. I gobbled the whole thing up nicely. 

I can't obviously speak on behalf of Yes Bar but as a former waitress I'll add a note that it might not be guaranteed that they'll appreciate others asking for this meal. I had checked out the menu before heading to the Yes Bar and was satisfied with the selection but it was only when I was told that the menu would be limited that day (which is understandable when there's a function on - again former waitress speaking) that I politely asked for something off-menu due to my lifestyle choice. I would never advocate asking for something off-menu but at least you know Yes Bar are willing to switch things up if need be. 

My friend sat down to a Mexican City pizza. His response to my text I sent whilst writing this was "From yes bar? It was good, similar to bar republic but not as good (but bar repiblic is amazing)". 

Personally I did think my calzone was one of the best vegan pizzas I've tried. So each to their own. 

Have you ever visited Yes Bar for a pizza, or other wise?
morag | mo adore
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