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18 February 2015

On my vegan cheese board

vegan cheese board

Whilst I do love a good get together and have a several serving dishes in my apartment to cater to this, a cheese board all ready for a cheese and wine party isn't one of them. Mainly because, well one, I am vegan and, two, me and my friends aren't that civilised quite yet. 

However, when I was up my parents' house in Aberdeenshire I discovered the cheese board they were recently gifted by my my aunt and uncle. And given this was also the festive period there was a large assortment of food; food that is much fancier than you would find in my twenty something flat. 

As a reminder I do have a soya intolerance so there will be far more exciting vegan cheese boards in circulation and I use the term cheese very loosely. A small bit of soya doesn't bother me but large chunks of it leaves me bloated and - shall we say - messes up the passage of something through my body. 

If anything it was more a cracker and dip board. I picked up the Jacob's cream crackers from my parents' local Co-op (they don't have cream in them - I checked). For the cheese I chose Sheese garlic & herb spreadable cheese. From the same uncle and aunt who bought my parents the cheese board I was gifted a chutney set from a local Aberdeenshire company Huntly Herbs. The herbs were hand-made and not processed so were very natural, very chunky and quite different from the usual chutneys you find in supermarkets. I also had some El Tequito salsa dip which is marked as vegan on the packet. You'll also notice some El Paso Corn Relish which was beautiful and thus didn't last very long (and looked vegan from the ingredients).

You'll also spot a bottle of Co-op Chardonnay wine in the background. Hardly classy, but Co-op is where to pick up a nice reasonably priced vegan wine.

What do you put on your vegan (or non-vegan) cheese board?


  1. I like Sheese but it has recently been pipped to the post by Violife, block, slice and spreadable are all winners for me :) I need to seek out some chutney now I've have "cheese" back in my life.

    1. Violife is good, but I find it's not clasy enough for a cheese board (unless they have other variations I'm not aware of).

  2. I gave that little chutney set to hubby which he enjoyed! Picked it up at Cranachan & Crowdie on the Royal Mile x


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