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10 January 2015

4 years.

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Birthdays are always a special time. I always hold a party for mine even if I grudge any increase to my age. I'm bigger on buying presents for birthdays rather than Christmas, with me and my friends buying each other for the first but rarely for the latter. Growing up I always tried to make my parents do something for my childhood dog's birthday (even if we didn't know her actual date of birth...I chose the 10th of September regardless) but they refused, reminding me she was a dog and didn't understand.

My parents are going to find it even more perplexing when they realise that - at age 24 - I was yesterday toasting (with a mug of jasmine tea) to my blog's fourth birthday. Yep, it's has now been four year's since I wrote my very first post (which I have now edited to remove from the internet my 20-year-old-recently-single winging). And it blows my mind that next year I will be toasting to half a decade (if my blog was my child I'd be looking into primary schools). 

Maybe you need to be a blogger to understand why blog birthdays and the bloggiversary are important to us strange creatures. But my blog birthday is always important to me and I mark it each year. Discovering the online world and social media was when I discovered 'that' hobby. The hobby that I'm wildly passionate about and one that became a big part of what defines me. I still have other hobbies (quite a lot actually) but blogging is the one that if you were to ask me about it at a dinner party you'd struggle to get me to stop talking. 

Blogging isn't the only hobby that the internet has blessed me with. Without blogging and the internet I wouldn't have been introduced to so many of the others hobbies I now love, or even ones I enjoy in a passive way. I wouldn't have went cruelty-free if I hadn't stumbled upon Louise's blog and I definitely wouldn't have went vegan (the very topics my blog has now become recognised for). I wouldn't have came to identify with the word feminist at age 16 and would have probably only discovered the word once it became mainstream, despite my life long beliefs on society. I also wouldn't have voted yes in the Scottish referendum if blogs hadn't been providing an alternative voice to the mainstream media. 

Something occurred to this past week about hobbies: growing up we tend to only develop the hobbies that our parents hand down to us. Or what our best friend from school happens to be into. We also have to hope our parents approve and are willing to financially support these hobbies. But with the internet the world is ours to discover and all we need is a bit if curiosity and a YouTube tutorial. 

We tend to typically only know the people we went to school with, or university or who lived down the street as a kid. The internet opens this up and some of the most fabulous, sexy and intelligent people I have ever known I met through the internet or blogging. Some I have now met and consider good friends, some I am actively chatting to about meeting 'IRL' and others live maybe a bit too far away for us to meet up (but I certainly wouldn't say no to them popping up to Scotland for a cuppa). 

And think about all those free PR products I didn't have to pay for. LOL. Joking (sort of).  

Just like all my blog birthday posts this ended up being long and soppy. And it will continue to be long and soppy every year as long as blogging remains my passion and enriches my life in ways I couldn't have ever imagined when I sat down at my desk four years ago (whilst still at university, living in a flat on Commercial Street in Dundee...my life has certainly changed but blogging has remained a constant).

From the bottom of my blogging heart...

P.S. Speaking of meeting bloggers in real life, some of the babes that take part in #cfbloggers fancy doing cruelty-free meet-ups. Give the @CFbloggerschat a tweet if you fancy getting invovled.

P.S.S. Yes, I bought my blog a birthday card (a bit easier than baking it a cake...that it can't eat). 


  1. Happy 4th birthday to your blog! It's so great that you've managed to maintain a hobby you enjoy for such a long time!

    Nat | http://www.rocketdreamers.co.uk

  2. You could have baked it a cake and eaten it on its behalf... #onetrackmind

    Congrats, Mo! xx


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