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31 December 2014

The post in which I round-up 2014

memory board glasgow blogger

The above picture is of my memory board in my bedroom in Glasgow where I display ticket stubs, pictures and other little memory knick knacks. It was looking back at this board along with my archives for my other two '2014' posts which reminded me that I did do a lot with 2014.

29 December 2014

Other favourites from 2014

In Sunday's post I had originally planned to write up a list of my favourite cruelty-free products of this year but it ended up being a reflection on what cruelty-free blogging had become over the past twelve months. I did however make a YouTube video for anyone interested in my favourite beauty brands of the year. However this post isn't going slip that far away from it's original idea where I round-up my other favourites from 2014 in the world of blogs, tv, fashion, food and music.

28 December 2014

Cruelty-free, veganism and blogging in 2014

When I originally started drafting this post I was planning to do a round up of my favourite products of this year (as I did last year and the year before that) with a little bit of a blurb on what a good year it had been for the cruelty-free community. But as I wrote down my ideas, I realised my thoughts on this topic were more substantial than what would fit neatly into two paragraphs.

26 December 2014

The Linkables

My pal Charlotte included me in her 2014 blog round-up - you should go check out the other blogs (and in fill in her reader survey).

During Higher English, I wrote a 'persuasive essay' arguing for homosexuality to be included in PSE and sex education. Almost a decade on, it doesn't look like we've moved on at all.

A history on NUS and free education isn't as lovely as I thought it was (look out for mention of new Labour leader Jim Murphy).

For burger lovers near Glasgow, James vs Burger is the blog for you (and he also takes on veggie burgers too).

If you're into the outdoors and looking for blogs on the topic check out the blogs shortlisted for Tresspass Blog Awards.

Scented jewellery is a thing.

7 deadly sins every marketer needs to stop committing.

12 words even smart people get wrong

Some things just don't work out: 10 excellent reasons to break up with your significant other.

Christmas is now over but there's always a reason to make your own acrylic gift tags.

Again, a bit late but how to decorate without looking like the huge nerd you really are.

I would like to add this modern farm-house in New York state to my (non-existent) real estate portfolio.

Still in the Christmas theme but feeding my USA obsession: stories of Christmas trees from Oregon.

I'm on a graduate income and still find it impossible to 'save money' unless I was to become a hermit, and here's an article on the reality of saving money if you earn very little to begin with.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie support their kid wearing suits.

The 14 most important YouTubers of 2014.

Top 10 vegan restaurants of 2014 (UK-wide but with one cheeky international mention!).

Tumblr has been making posters for the scenario where Voldemort won.

Why a Playboy Bunny backs the No More Page 3 campaign. (It's not about the content, it's about context which is what NMP3 is trying to get across).

And the best Buzzfeed article this year: why 2014 was the year of the vagina.

Morag x

23 December 2014

Gig round-up // China Drum, New Found Glory & BYAF

Sideways selfie from BYAF

I mentioned in my last gig round-up that I was hoping to get to another four gigs before the year was up. It ended up being three gigs (didn't get picked out of the public ballot for the MTV EMA's, still peeved) in the final two months of a year where I made musical use of my adopted Glasgow post-code to attend more gigs in one year than all other years combined.

22 December 2014

Ideas for a veggie Christmas

We're now into the week of Christmas and whilst there's been many a gift guide posted (on my own blog and others) I would like to think we're all sorted there. However, an area some people might not yet be sorted in will be food. Whilst my meat-eating parents eat the same thing each year I switch it up every year and deciding what I'm going to be cooking on Christmas Day is my favourite thing to plan in the winter months.

21 December 2014

Superdrug Ultra Brights hair colour

superdrug ultra brights outrageous orange

I'm eternally jealous of people with bright hair - especially those of the orange and red persuasion. Part of me really yearns for my former emo-days when my entire locks were bright red. Alas, I am now an adult with a corporate office-job and turning up with hair that resembles a sunset wouldn't be that amusing.

20 December 2014

Christmas Dinner at Lamora Kitchen, West End

lamore glasgow ghnocchi

Just last week I mentioned how difficult it can be to navigate the festive period as a veggie/vegan type. When going out for Christmas dinner with a vegan meet-up group I can be comfortable I'll get something but when your employer announces their choice for this year's meal I can only cross your fingers.

19 December 2014

The Linkables

How to use Instagram for retail, restaurant and even B2B marketing.

The cutest illustrations in Etsy land can be found in this shop.

Whilst browsing on Etsy I discovered that successful designer Gillian Kyle still has an active Etsy shop (her stuff is also sold in Paperchase!) and my favourite craft business blog Create & Thrive explains why running an Etsy store alongside your main website makes business sense (even if you're earning full-time from it).

An independent Scottish jewellery designer I've fallen in love with this week is Orkney based Alison Moore. And her website and banding is making my marketing heart flutter.

On the topic of gushing over branding, I related to almost all of these, ha! 37 telltale signs you're a true marketer.

An urban gardening subscription box (with beautiful branding, yes I'm talking branding again).

I used to be a perfectionist, and it's not all that fun. I've re-trained my brain over the years (though it still simmers) and here's a great post if think you're setting far too high standards for yourself.

Dundee beats Oxbridge to be named best university for life science research.

Also in Dundee: how some of its streets got their names (I used to live on the corner of Seagate, Arklay Street and Hilltown...but my address was technically the intersecting street).

I recently installed Glimmer onto my phone to gently wake me up on the early winter mornings, and I'm liking it so far. Here are some more Android alarm apps that do more than just loudly ring if you have problems rolling out of bed.

We all read Bustle, right? Here's an article I really liked this week about vaginal orgasms.

We all read Everyday Feminism too? Here's a great piece on 'Feminist Men' who, well, really aren't and what it takes to be a real feminist ally.

Cynthia Nixon on being bisexual but being in a gay relationship.

I actually loved 2000's fashion and want it to make a come back....but I still laughed.

Sarah has a post up on the new food labelling guidelines which have come into law this week.

On that note, the Guardian ran an article on why restaurants should embrace free-from diners.

Oft. How to have the race talk with a child.

If you've still got someone to buy about Christy's gift guide for fitness lovers?

And from Wardribe Conversations...a gift guide for men full of small independent brands.

I shared a similar gift guide by my pal Charlotte a few Linkables ago, but here's another gift guide for cat ladies.

And for American about Gala Darling's gift guide? It includes ideas for what to get a witchy friend...

Christmas nail art ideas.

Amanda Genther rounds up her favourite planners for 2015.

How to get calcium without dairy.

9 tips to look good in every photo.

Things you do in the bathroom that you might not know are unhygienic.

I wasn't a 'serious' cheerleader but I still laughed at some of these signs you used to be a cheerleader.

Morag x

18 December 2014

My first wee read of Vegan Life magazine

veganlife magazine issue 1

As a blogger and a member of Gen Y, it maybe comes as not much of a surprise that I'm not much of a magazine buyer. Whilst I loved a bit (read: I bought every issue) of Sneak and Bliss in my early teens (and Shout in my tweens) when I discovered the world of blogging during my mid-teens this love affair of printed media fell to the side as I realised I could obtain the same information for free online (and save up some space in my bedroom).

17 December 2014

The Aromatree Company Repair foot cream

aromatree repair foot cream

Once upon a long time ago, footcare was an area of beauty I spent a possibly abnormal amount of time focusing on. When I was about 14 I read an interview in what was probably Sneak Magazine with the Blazin' Squad (yep) and one of them stated that he was attracted to girls with nice feet because it meant 'she took care of the rest of her'. Whilst this advice now contradicts my feminist beliefs and I wouldn't want the next generation of girls taking said advice on, it stuck with me. In my late teens/early twenties I had a more practical reason to take care of my feet as I have gave them a good hammering through dance and cheer practice but then still required them to look presentable for various stage outfits which involved showing my bare feet.

16 December 2014

A big-ass gift-guide with all the ideas

Some Gillian Kyle at last year's Country Living Fair

We all have that person who is a pain to buy a Christmas present for. If you have one I feel your anguish, as I have two of them. Despite all the gift guides every year in blogland my method every year is to shop and shop and shop online and offline until something just stands out to me. However if you still haven't found that perfect gift for that picky person then here's my big-ass gift-guide full of all the ideas. It includes stuff I've received in the past, stuff I'd like to receive, stuff I've actually bought people in the past and some stuff I have no idea who would actually want to receive it.

Nine days to go guys...

15 December 2014

Vegan Christmas dinner at Red Onion

Grilled field mushroom bruschetta with onion marmalade

Christmas time and Christmas food - as you might have guessed - isn't every vegetarian's dream holiday. Turkey and other various birds plus gravy aren't my dietary staples and restaurants usually add on a typical veggie dish to their festive menu such as a mushroom risotto (tah, but I've eaten loads of those) or completely exclude anything not meat-based. Red Onion - as I've blogged about before - offer a vegan three course menu alongside their various other menus so the Glasgow veggie meet-up group I am a member of chose it for our festive shindig.

12 December 2014

The Linkables

That image was taken from this article on intersectionality in the environmentalism movement.

I was introduced to So What Band is Your Boyfriend In? this week and it has now exceeded it's crowdfunding target. But you should still give it some love.

If you're always looking for new independent designers then read the comments on this post for many suggestions (from across the globe).

What's the difference between a relationship that builds a life for two people versus a relationship where two people build one life together?

If you think foreplay is something you do five minutes before the main act, then you might want to learn about all-day foreplay. (Essentially you're always sexy and affectionate with each other, even when you're not 'at it').

When feminists play Cards Against Humanity.

In light of the UK's possible new p0rn laws, protesters are planning a giant 'face-sitting' event outside Parliament.

Last week I mentioned a solar panel vibrator, this week I'm linking you to a wind up one. (NSFW)

I like my jewellery bright and bold but the contemporary pieces by Jenny Parker still caught my eye.

I love Not on the High Street and the gift-guides Eilidh has been putting together using their brands.

Lis pit together a stellar gift guide for...herself. Good on ya!

On that note, The Greedy Book is a cute way to provide your family and friends with your own wishlist.

It's on my apartment to-do list to get a plant for the bathroom, and it'll probably be one of these.

I also reckon my balcony could be doing with some solar powered fairy lights.

Some advice on telling a new partner about a past abortion.

Laci Green wrote about becoming an activist (and a sex educator and a blogger).

I've never lived with a partner but I have been dumped in one of my former bedrooms and couldn't unsee the spot where he told me he was ending it. I one day innocently re-arranged slightly because my landlord wanted to re-paint and it was such a break-though in my progress. I now wholeheartedly recommend decoration therapy (especially if, unlike me, you actually did live with them).

I spotted another vegan friendly café whilst walking around Glasgow recently.

Men's lifestyle boutique The Brotique are looking for indie designers to stock in their shop!

And if you fancy getting tipsy this Crimbo, here's a Santa hat drinking game that is lol.

Morag x

11 December 2014

More from the Lush Christmas range

lush christmas so white drummers drumming

Another pay day has passed since my last Lush Christmas Lush post, and that obviously means I had to stop by for some more. Not much more, as this is the season for giving afterall and not buying expensive bath products for myself. The Lush Christmas range is huuugggggeee and I knew I couldn't make it through the entire range, but here's a quicky review on two more products I picked up.

10 December 2014

A collection of gift guides by other bloggers

Guys, I had plans to do several gift guides and other Chritsmassy posts this year. I made a sterling effort last year (in my humble opinion) but life and stuff has cropped up this year. I posted a cruelty-free and independent beauty products guide last week and still have another gift-guide coming but don't hold onto your's practical and last minute ideas. Thankfully the blogging community has been actively inspiring each other with Crimbo ideas, and there's no shortage of gift-guides floating about. Here are some of my favourites!

9 December 2014

Trying a new form of exercise

About two years ago I started a series called the anti-diet. This series now only makes up for four posts in my blog's entire archive despite having scribbled down a list of topic ideas. One of the ideas I was going to touch upon was a reminder that exercise is an important part of leading a (physically and mentally) healthy lifestyle. And no matter how bad at P.E. you think you might have been I believe there's a sport or exercise out there for everyone, and if you don't believe me then you just haven't found it yet.

8 December 2014

Making my own Christmas cards

christmas card crafting scottish blogger

One of the benefits to having a small family is that my Christmas shopping list is not nearly as insane as some other people I know. Every year the only people I always buy for are my parents and my Grandmother (despite this I still haven't completed this year's shopping). Since this gives me a bit more free time I decide to make an extra special effort with these people and make them their own personalised cards.

6 December 2014

Folk Café in Dundee

folk cafe wrap and tea

I know it seems like a cliché but every time I go to check out a new restaurant in Dundee I seem to be hungover. This time was no different. My insides still felt a bit sensitive so I fancied something a bit lighter, café style. I had heard good things about Folk Café (previously Parlour Café) including that it has a good veggie selection and whilst it doesn't mark out any food as vegan, the foodie grapevine had informed me that I would wouldn't be left hungry.

5 December 2014

The Linkables

Evanna Lynch in a 2008 fashion shoot. I choose this photo cause the colours remind me of Ravenclaw...

Alice included me in her Friday Favourites post last week. Go say hi and check out her other picks.

If you're struggling on what to get the men in your life for Christmas, check out this gift guide by Nadia.

And Sheri has put together a gift guide for the Grinch in your life.

Far Left Buffy is the best Facebook Page in forever. But you need to be a Buffy fan to get it. And a lefty.

These solar system tree decorations are all your Christmas tree requirs this year.

The November checklist for gardeners.

I agree: abusive student relationships are capable of flying under the radar.

It's blunt but I agree and there's a study to back it: It's not your children holding your career back. It's your husband. (Though I do not agree with 'marrying down', ever).

A teacher's letter to parents who ask about THAT kid.

Some blogging advice on working with PRs, from the viewpoint of a PR girl

When I was a student also partaking in 300 extra-curricular activities I had a boderline reliance on my Filofax. It's since fallen apart but as my life gets busier alongside my full-time job (the background running of my blog needs structure) I'm thinking of reinvesting. Here's Gala Darling's guide to how to she organises hers.

Molly Crabapple's 14 rules for creative success in the internet age.

If you're a vegan living in the South West region of England you should be following @Dorset_Vegan

And something else for my vegan English readers (but this time in the North West) places for vegans and vegetarians to eat in Manchester.

For fun: what your zodiac sign says about your social media habits.

Drama can be addicting and we can't always tell we're causing it or inviting it but if you think you might be here's a guide to lessening the amount of it in your life.

8 inexpensive but amazing countries to live in for a year.

Some women get an abortion for health reasons. Or because they already have three kids. Or because they're young. But someone women get an abortion just because they don't want a baby. And it's as legitimate a reason as any.

If you have someone in your life who just won't stop farting, gift them this at Christmas so they'll at least smell like roses instead.

What it feels like to be diagnosed with HIV. The article touches on it, but please get tested. I know for a fact I'm HIV-negative, do you know your status?

How online harassment was turned in art.

25 benefits of gaming while male.

Keeping with the social problems in geek culture theme with this piece on racism and fat-shaming in the cosplaying community.

The piece above also links to an article on racism when choosing cosplay costumes. I don't cosplay but love to dress up at Halloween and one costume I've been meaning to do for years is Rogue from X-Men, even though my favourite character is actually Storm. (I also don't like doing female-versions of male characters).

Annnnnd, a solar powered vibrator. (NSFW, obviously).

Morag x

3 December 2014

Christmas gift sets by small cruelty-free brands

Check out the Scottish Fine Soaps Company Facebook page for the 12 gifts of Christmas campaign.
I know every blogger and their pug loves a Lush gift set. Or an Liz Earl gift set. Or a Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. However Christmas is the perfect time to support an independent brand and small beauty companies based in the UK are much more likely to be cruelty-free than the big players.

So get the moolah out, gift your beauty loving friends an ethical product and help a small-business owner keep doing what they love. And maybe sneak in something for yourself...

1 December 2014

My favourite teas to keep cosy in winter

teas good for winter scottish lifstyle blog

As mentioned in my favourite winter evening activities post I reckon a cold winter evening is the perfect time to pour myself a cup of tea. However, I like to mix things up and I never go for a traditional bit of Tetley or PJ Tips. It's only been in the past year I've really gotten into tea but I'm building up quite a collection and I love selecting my evening tea choice when I get in from work.

The three teas I've chosen above are not even half of my collection but are the ones I find myself reaching for more on these chilly winter days.