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The post in which I round-up 2014

memory board glasgow blogger

The above picture is of my memory board in my bedroom in Glasgow where I display ticket stubs, pictures and other little memory knick knacks. It was looking back at this board along with my archives for my other two '2014' posts which reminded me that I did do a lot with 2014.

But in all honesty it didn't really feel like I did do a lot this year. 2013 was a pretty boring and uneventful year so I should be grateful that I fitted more into these twelve months. But with doing a lot also came very little downtime. I had touched upon it slightly in some blog posts during the latter half of the year but I spent quite a lot of 2014 stressed out my box, some of it outwith my control but quite a bit of it within my control.

Essentially I spent the 2014 so busy and doing so much that I wasn't able to take care of myself and wasn't even able to stop and appreciate everything.

I am grateful for everything that did happen, and it was a good year. I have been to more gigs this year than all other years combined. I ate out a lot this year (possibly more than all other years combined as well). I finally went vegan. I managed to balance my life in Glasgow with my life in Dundee (though more of my friends will be moving on from Dundee in summer 2015, which is a strange thought that scares me slightly). I last night finished an Excel course that I am now glad to see the back of. I made my way through several TV shows. I was lucky enough to be involved in many exciting brand partnerships (including my first paid blogging opportunity). I dipped my toes into YouTube. I started the CF Bloggers Chat. I got back in netball and swimming. I started growing a balcony garden. I grew my 'pierced' list with a helix and a (now rejected) belly button piercing. There was the Commonwealth Games. I got much more involved in animal welfare and feminism (a year ago I hadn't heard of the word intersectionality!) and even cried at the result of an election (what?).

Back when I was a student I held down a lot. But I also had a lot more free time back then to fit in extra stuff like cheerleading, and blogging, and some volunteering, and running a student society, and running another student society, whilst still fitting in some much needed 'me' time. But somewhere within the last six months I came to the realisation that I now work a full-time job and whilst two years on I now have the energy to do something other than flop on the sofa when I get in the door, I finally admitted to myself that I couldn't fit in as much as I once could.

I know in the sea of 2014 wrap-up post this is probably one of the few that aren't finger-snappy sassy and possibly a bit bland. I want to make it clear that I did have a big and brilliant year but I tried to take on too much and have ended the year completely floored.

I'll see you on the other side of hogmany with none other than a 2015 goals post. And it will come as no surprise - due to what I've said here - that my goals next year will be way more manageable than the resolution posts I've written for the previous four (!!!) years.

Much love, have a happy new year and I hope 2014 ws good to you.

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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