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1 December 2014

My favourite teas to keep cosy in winter

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As mentioned in my favourite winter evening activities post I reckon a cold winter evening is the perfect time to pour myself a cup of tea. However, I like to mix things up and I never go for a traditional bit of Tetley or PJ Tips. It's only been in the past year I've really gotten into tea but I'm building up quite a collection and I love selecting my evening tea choice when I get in from work.

The three teas I've chosen above are not even half of my collection but are the ones I find myself reaching for more on these chilly winter days.

Twinings Calming Camomile

Whilst all three teas above are from different brands, Twinings is definitely fast becoming my favourite with several of their blends included in my overall collection. This Camomile one is by far my favourite - especially just before bed as it helps me nod off and I find that I sleep deeply on nights when I drink this (compared to nights when I don't).

Arbonne Essentials Herbal Infusions

This is one I tend to leave until the weekends as I find it's a great 'breakfast tea' - I can't quite explain what I mean by a breakfast tea but I'm sure my fellow tea lovers will understand. This is an expensive tea and when I finish this box which I got for cheaper (I used to be a consultant) I think I may have to accept I can't own another. Sad face.

Clippers Apple & Elderflower Organic Infusion

All in all I'm not a huge fan of fruity teas but I love me some elderflower flavoured liquids so this caught my eye in the Tesco. It's a very gentle infusion  - given the gentle taste of the fruits included - and is definitely a fresh tea to cosy up with after work. 

What's your favourite tea to cosy up with during the winter months? 

Morag x


  1. Do you do loose-leaf tea? If so, let me introduce you to Bluebird Tea Company (if not, you should, they sell wee bags you can put your tea in and everything if you don't have the kit).

    I have taken a picture of my desk for you and will Instagram it later.


    1. Because it's covered in tea, not because I think you have a desk fetish...

    2. I've just recently bought my first few packets of loose tea and I'll be rounding that at up at some point.

      And stop teasing me with your teas/desk, my wishlist is getting almost as big as my beauty wishlist...


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