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Gig round-up // China Drum, New Found Glory & BYAF

Sideways selfie from BYAF

I mentioned in my last gig round-up that I was hoping to get to another four gigs before the year was up. It ended up being three gigs (didn't get picked out of the public ballot for the MTV EMA's, still peeved) in the final two months of a year where I made musical use of my adopted Glasgow post-code to attend more gigs in one year than all other years combined.

First up we had a bit of New Found Glory, a ticket I had forgotten I had bought back in April until it arrived (and a ticket I only bought because I fancied someone who was going...who I don't fancy anymore...and who I didn't even spot in the crowd). I was a fan in my teens and was eagerly awaiting a bit of My Friend's Over You, which was played only a few songs before last place. Obviously. Just like every time I see bands from my MySpace days I forgot to listen to their newer stuff so I spent the first hour and a half wondering what was going on. There were however plenty of today's teenagers there, many of which would have just entered the world when I was 'learning' html on MySpace...

Next week was Book Yer Ane Fest, a diy punk music weekend in Dundee. Despite my love of all things Dundee, November is a busy and expensive month for me (with my own birthday and all the other birthdays that fall nine months after Valentines) so I've never made the commitment of hauling my ass onto a megabus to attend. So it was just the pre-BYAF in Glasgow for me, even though I spent a large chunk of it sneakily hosting @CFbloggerschat on my phone (oops). I was already familiar with The Kimberley Steaks (May Playlist) but two new bands I discovered at this gig and want to shout out to are Austeros and Freddy Fudd Pucker.

Finally, there was China Drum in December (supported by Beauty School Drop Out). I hadn't heard of them previously but my friend was coming through to Glasgow to see them and I decided to go along. This was the band's 25th anniversary tour - I'm younger than 25 (just) and was noticeably the youngest person in the room (said friend is 33). But you ken what? Biscuit Barrel is one of my tunes of the moment. If I was going to actually make a monthly playlist for December it would sneak its way onto it.

Given that my little piece of the internet is primarily about cruelty-free beauty and plant-based food, my music posts are not what people keep an eye out for. However, attending gigs is a big part of my life and I enjoy putting together my monthly playlist and Instagramming my tickets. As mentioned I won't be doing a December playlist amongst the flurry of '2014 favourites' posts I have planned but I have put together a 2014 playlist on Spotify (I'm proof-reading this at work and can't open Spotify so here's the link to my profile and I'll edit in the playlist URL later). I went through my starred songs and selected some decent stuff, some stuffed I shouldn't admit to having played on repeat this year and two Eurovision songs (you're welcome).

Morag x

P.S. This is possibly going to be my final post this side of Christmas. So if you like Christmas or if you don't do anything for it I hope you have a lovely 25th of December. I'll see you closer to the new year to go through all those obligatory round-up posts of my favourite things and my feelings from 2014. Love ya!
morag | mo adore
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