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This year's winter coat (& boots)

NEw look winter coat scottish blogger

Everytime I've been up to visit my parents in the North-East I've been meaning to take some outfit photos with the Aberdeenshire countryside as the backdrop. Unfortunately I've been down a tripod for over a year and I've only been able to take outfit photos when I can badger someone to take them for me (read: not my parents). Thankfully for my birthday my parents generously bought me a new lens for my camera and a new (professional) tripod that I took them out into a nearby bit of woodland for a bit of a photoshoot.

The coat is what I bought with the birthday money I got from my Gran. I had spotted it in New Look as I had been thinking a black (faux!) fur coat would be great for my Medusa Halloween costume but I decided I really didn't need it and couldn't justify the cost for one outfit. However it's one of these pieces I kept thinking about and found myself wishing I had when leaving the house on a few occasions. There's a few variation of it - you can get a black fut coat with a hood and also a longer black fur coat with a zip instead of hooks like my one.

new forever 21 winter boots

The boots I picked up a few weeks ago from Forever 21. Prior to this purchase almost all my shoes were falling apart and these have now been on feet almost all the time as all my other shoes either have heels or are summer shoes (or need fixed). They're a bit on the biker side but they still seem to go with most things and I've worn them to work and haven't been told I'm breaking any dress codes.

As I said these are the first outfits photos in a long time which were taken by myself and I honestly forgot how difficult it can be. Due to a lack of tripod (and to an extent free time) I haven't taken many outfit photos in general and only seem to get them done when in Dundee and someone is willing go outside in a bit of a location scout with me. When someone else takes them they can guide you on where to stand and tell you if your belly is hanging out or if you're facial expression makes you look like you want to punch someone. And it means you don't need to keep running back and forth (which included jumping over that log). It also took me ages to get these done and it was such a windy day that I had to go for a location with some trees as shelter.

Along with my new lens, I now own two lenses: an 18-55 and a 55-200. Aside from the zoom they have similar specifications so I was able to change between the lenses and the photos didn't look hugely different. There's a few lenses I have on my wishlist but since my parents were buying I decided to go for a high zoom which are typically more expensive and save up for some of the cheaper ones myself. The new tripod was a professional one which you can see here. I know many people recommend getting a cheap tripod however the one I found in parents' garage from the 70's annoyed me to no end. Mainly because it was only 5ft3 in height and I'm 5ft7 and had to do weird crouching movements with my back straight so it wouldn't look like I was couching. My new one expands higher than my height and is also very sturdy (even in the wind that day) and is very flexible with a head that rotates 360 degrees and can be flipped over so my camera can be used in portrait position.

Do you have a new winter coat? How do you feel taking your own outfit photos? 

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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