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SheenaShona Jewellery Shop @ The Corinthian

sheena shona colour and trend

Despite having lived in Glasgow for almost two years one place I have never been is The Corinthian, although it's one of the most well known venues in the city. But luxury, British designed and made jewellery company SheenaShona recently opened up a shop in the front room and I was invited along for a cocktail, a slice of branded cake and a nosey at their Autumn/Winter range.

From the photos you can see this the range is simple and elegant. Due to the simplicity in the design it's the sort of jewellery that will go with many different outfits and one of the necklaces that caught my eye was the Lariat Pendant which is designed so that you can switch up the gemstone attached at the end and adjust the length of the necklace, making it incredibly versatile.

Another piece that took my fancy was the interlocking rings necklace which SheenaShona explained to me was inspired by the Glasgow 2014 symbol.

west end girl sheena shona

A range that however caught everyone's eye and had us passing them around was the engagement rings, as modelled here by Lynsay of Miss West End Girl. I like a good statement necklace and ring however when it comes to engagement and wedding rings I like something simple that will blend into most outfits (though my ideal ring would be a bespoke ring designed by an independent designer) and it was the minimalistic pear cut diamond that caught my eye (the one highest up on Lynsay's index finger and the one I Instagramed on the night). Though Lynsay disagreed and went for the bling bling and said she'd dress her outfit around her engagement ring if need be.

sheena shona cocktails at the corinthian

As for the Corinthian itself, well I didn't head in any further than the front room where the shop is. However the Corinthian did provide some cocktails for the event and those things were lethal. Not something to drink too many of if you're wanting to go to work in one piece the next morning (but they were delicious and I'm imaging having one now). I can definitely vouch for their cocktail standards.

sheena shona heart pendant

Also a big thank you SheenaShona and the organisers for this little beaut, which was given to me in my goody bag. I had known before I left the shop that what was in the bag would be 'special' and I rushed home to open it and see what it is. Like a lot of the range it is delicate and elegant and would be perfect for a classy occasion.

And finally a picture of the two lovely ladies themselves:

sheena and shona themselves

Their stuff is fabulous and, as mentioned, they now have their own shop in the Corinthian. You should definitely have a wee look at their website at the other pieces that I wasn't able to mention.

 Morag x

 P.S. I was invited along by a PR company and got a free gorgeous necklace, but wasn't paid for this. And as always all photos are on my Facebook page.
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