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Gigs // Seen Live Recently

So howdy there gig goers. It's been absolutely ages since I did a round-up of gigs I've been to because, well, I haven't actually been to that many since my last round-up. And by not many I mean I've been to four (in the space of four months). But because time is getting away from me and I don't have any gigs lined up until November (and by gigs I mean a possible four in one month...) I should maybe just get these last four gigs covered.

Arliss Nancy

I know it might seem like I'm banging on about this Colorado band as if I get commission but these guys are really good. I first found out about them when they came to play in Dundee a year before (but I couldn't go) and gave them a spin on Spotify and couldn't stop until I had heard it all. When they came back to Dundee I was so there, and I wasn't disappointed.

Robot Doctors / Lachance / Broken Stories

When Arliss Nancy came across to Scotland for Dundee-gig-fun-times they chose some of the city's local bands to support them. I've been aware of these local bands for ages from friends who are involved in the Dundee local music scene (and I could even name and recognise some of the band members) but had never seen them live. None of these bands have Spotify but you check out their Facebook pages: Robot Doctors, LaChance and Broken Stories (La Chance are my personal favourite).

Jurassic 5

If you've kept an eye on my music posts than you might have realised that I'm not much of a hip hop connoisseur. I'd only heard of Jurassic 5 because my friend DJs a hip hop night and I decided to educate myself rather than sitting there pretending to know what was going on. Their song Concrete Schoolyard became an immediate favourite from his collection and was almost the only reason I went to this show (because to me the best thing about being at a gig is to hear a favourite played just a few feet from you). But even though they were playing a lot of songs I didn't recognise (they did a segment of old songs at the end where the asked audeince members for suggestions) I still enjoyed myself. Also: stage presence = superb.

Crazy Town

I got a bit of slack for this haha. But Butterfly was a tune when I was 10 (and obviously didn't understand the suggestive lyrics) and I wanted to hear it live. Honestly, I didn't know some of their others songs and The Cathouse really isn't all that of a gig venue. But the best part of this band was that they really care about their fans and came out to mingle with them afterwards and posed for photos and signed autographs (for ages).

Kings of Leon

I should be writing something great as I booked the tickets well in advance and paid an arm for them, but meh. They were good but even when they played Use Somebody and Sex on Fire - songs I loved during my mid-late teens something didn't feel quite...there.

What gigs have you been to recently? Were you at any of these gigs?

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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