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Favourite winter evening activities

winter evenings scottish blogger

Maybe it's a sign of official adulthood and the leaving behind of student fun times but I've found myself welcoming winter which much wider arms these last two years. I've considered myself a summer baby for most of my life but as I get older I seem to find myself not dreading the winter and instead of complaining about the cold I have developed some down-time hobbies I like to partake in during the evenings of the cooler months.

Open up the tea cupboard
Maybe this another sign of me fast approaching quarter of a century in age but as I've gotten older I've let go of my childhood belief that I'd never like the stuff. These days I have several packets of tea which range from fennel to green tea and each pay day I love adding something new to my collection. This summer I actually spent quite a bit of time moaning that it was too hot to drink camomile tea before bed.

Cuddling up in cosy sleepwear (and shopping for it)
In the summer I usually come home and stay in my work clothes until bedtime. However when I come home in cooler weather I love to wrap myself in something from my somewhat extensive pyjama collection (my favourite is a woolly cape with rabbit ears on the hood).

Catching up on television
You don't need to be told this is what you should do on cold evenings, though I'm beginning to think American Horror Story wasn't the best thing to watch on dark nights by myself (The Apprentice starts again tomorrow and I've heard Xfactor has too). You could alternatively cuddle up with a book.

A warm bubble bath
I love bubble baths all year round but there's something more satisfying about getting into one when you've spend the day protecting your body from the cold. Plus, the Lush Christmas range is now out and I really don't need a better excuse to have a bath!

Switch up candle scents
During the summer I only ever use candles for bath time however when the winter creeps in I find myself placing them around my flat a bit more. And I find myself going for something a bit richer or even more sensual.

Start Pinning for Halloween and Christmas (or whatever else you celebrate)
I'm strict about not publicly speaking about Christmas until November (and there will be no gift guides on mo'adore until then) but I am already privately thinking about gifts and which vegetarian main I'll cook this year (I personally still have a birthday to get through before then as well).

Catching up on goals
Ya'll know I love a big resolution, but let's be honest they tend to fall off the radar by the time summer comes. However when it gets a bit too cold to do anything outside it's a good time to re-visit them and see if you can tick any more the list. A lot of my evenings have been dedicated to finishing my online course, completing my book list and working my away through TV programmes.

What are your favourite things to do during the evenings of the colder months? 

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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