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Trip to the West Coast of Scotland

mouth of river clyde

Whilst my parents were down a couple of weeks ago for the Commonwealth Games we decided to make use of the rare summer sunshine and escape the sporting madness by driving out to the west coast of Scotland for some fields, the mouth of the River Clyde and some aweing at the natural landscape. I have no memories of having ever visited this part of Scotland and despite my love of cities this was a very beautiful part of the country to go mooching in.

West coast of scotland map

We started out driving away from Glasgow on the motorway before going through Paisley and hitting Inverclyde and then moving through Inverkip, Greenock and heading back up when they road loops back up just after Largs.

inverkip i think

Despite my general proclamation that I'm a city girl I've always liked the idea of living in a seaside town (or city with a beach within walking distance of my house - such as the Broughty Ferry area of Dundee) or with a lake just behind the house with a boat. I remember growing up I was jealous of my cousins who lived in an Aberdeenshire town which is on the coast whilst I grew up in a village four miles inland. A lot of the towns in Inverclyde and North Ayrshire presented this romantic idea of countryside living which appeals to me - boats, having a garden to grow loads of vegetables, owning a car (and campervan) and owning a dog (but then city life wins with vegan food, getting to try clothes on before buying, walking distance of work, things to do).

the bagel basket in largs

veggie burger bagel basket largs

As mentioned we also stopped in Largs for a bite to eat. There were plenty of places looking over the sea but given that we were in the countryside and I've been aware for ages that the further you move away from a city the harder it gets to find something suitable for a vegetarian, let alone a vegan, we were short of choices. We stopped by a place called The Bagel Basket - which had the best veggie offering - for some veggie burgers. I won't review it in it's own post as my parents ordered the same as me and we even sat outside so I couldn't get a feel for the place itself.

inverkip harbour boat shop

Whilst in Inverkip we did stop by the harbour to have a look at the boats for sale and only one of them was less than my annual salary. So maybe that daydream will very much remain a daydream.

view of clyde from inverkip

I do like being in the countryside and I absolutely love the ocean/rivers especially the non-polluted area of the Clyde, but I'll always head back to the city. It's the same when I visit my parents in Aberdeenshire - it's nice for a bit of a break but I really can't ever see myself settling down in the countryside. Back to the city for me for some restaurants and stuff!

But finally one more picture of some rocks on a beach overlooking the mouth of the Clyde:

inverkip rocks clyde

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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