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30 September 2014

September Playlist

Nothing to Show - Arliss Nancy
Girl From Mars - Ash
Winn Coma - Boss Hog
Perfume - Britney Spears
Disturbia - The Cab
Call My Name - Charlotte Church
Mindset - Every Avenue
Midlife Crisis - Faith No More
Sally - Kerbdog
Pictures of You - The Last Goodnight
Rudderless - The Lemonheads
Zombie Love - Lou Hickey
Slowly, Slowly - Magnapop
Politically Correct - SR-71
Everything Flows - Teenage Fanclub

Also a shout out to Robot Doctors, Lachance and Broken Stories who I can't find on Spotify.

Morag x

P.S. Charlotte Church came to my attention again when she gave her support towards Scottish independence so she's getting a mention. 

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  1. These are great songs! Think I'm going to download some of them. Love your blog too :)


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