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Guinness World Records with Glow Fitness

Glow fitness champagne
Glow fitness cake
Glow fitness leaflet
Glow fitness patricia McCabe
Patrcia McCabe glow fitness

If you've been a reader of my blog a while you'll know that when it comes exercise I'm very much a sports person and generally cannot fathom the idea of gyms, fitness classes or exercise for the sake of exercise. Swimming? Childhood passion which I still dip into. Former Cheerleader? Yep. Netball? Still all over it. Exercise class? Only whilst I was part of the dance team and was forced to do it for optimum fitness...

However when Glow Fitness got in contact asking if I wanted to take part in a Guinness World Record breaking fitness class I was intrigued. Glow Fitness has instructors running fitness classes across the UK and they aim to be fun and social as well as great for getting you heart pumping, and two weeks ago they were aiming to break a record of the biggest UK-wide fitness class. Which they managed and my official certificate says I participated in 'the largest high-intensity interval training class (multiple venues)'.

I was invited along to the Glasgow class run by Patricia McCabe being held in the Pollockshaws area in the south side. I admittedly didn't quite know what to expect and as it had been a while since I've done any kind of exercise (oops) I was worried about how I'd be able to keep up. The areobics class was pretty easy but I was still flailing about doing the 'mini-moves' of the proper moves at the back (I also arrived late...oops).

The class was a simple aerobics class and the other participants were her usual Tuesday night class crowd. Patricia was also incredibly welcoming. I snuck in late but as soon as the class was done and we were onto the champagne and cake stage of the night (what else should you consume after some exercise? I mean, really, this my king of exercise class) she came right over spotting that I was a newbie. And as soon as I told her my name she was all "Oh you're the blogger, come let me show you around and introduce you to people!"

Honestly, I'm not a fitness class person and this hasn't changed that. Patricia is outgoing and bubbly and an excellent host and host a nice simple exercise class for people looking for something fun rather than serious muscle pumping. But I'm sticking to my sports.

But I can say I took part in a Guinness World Record. And I got some flourscent orange shoe laces in my goody bag. 

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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