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23 September 2014

Geeky jewellery at Comic-Con Glasgow

comic con jewlwerry

comic con perfect moments jewllery

Harry's Emporium comci con

So two weeks ago I went to Comic-Con Glasgow. Don't worry mo'adore isn't going to become a comic blog because even though I love me some pop culture I'm very much a film & TV gal and own zero comics.

If the title and pictures didn't give it away however I'm actually going to highlight some of the indie jewellery companies I found amongst the stalls. As you might have seen from some of my outfit posts I've got a soft spot for clothes with pop culture references and earlier this year I was prattling on about how much I was loving the pop culture trend during Spring/Summer. So Comic Con is actually fashion heaven for me.

It was absolutely jam packed with people so I wasn't able to take many pictures (I also wasn't carrying a press badge like many other exhibitions so didn't want to bombard sellers ha!) so I've only got three photos of jewellery just to give you an idea of what was there (but there was plenty of other fashion stalls to go about).

The main brand I want to draw attention to cause they were fabulous and the owner was delightful is Moments Lost (second picture) who has hand made charms with various fandom symbols on them. I had a nice wee chat with the owner about Buffy and the lack of stuff available now for that fandom (she had a Buffy bracelet there on the day) and also that she does custom fandoms if yours is missing.

However there were other brands and looking at the business cards lying next to me right now there was also Handmade By Me, The Harpy's Nest (last picture) and also Explorium which I have no photos of but you should go click their link especially if you like wooden pieces (I'm making a mental wishlist). I'm sorry but I was disorganised and didn't scribble the name of the brand in the first picture even though that Ravenclaw necklace really caught me eye.

And even though I promised this wouldn't be about comics, I lied a bit. Go check out Team Girl Comics  for some female-made fun and Comic Soapbox for 'politically engaged comics' which are mainly about the referendum (which still hurts to think about if I'm honest so I've not delved right through the backlog yet, maybe when wounds heal).

Convinced Comic-Con isn't just for nerds yet? 

Morag x


  1. I love love love all these pieces! I would love to know the name of the company in the first photo though, they have some amazing things!
    I'm a total comic nerd but didn't get to Comic Con this year unfortunately :( Next year definitely!

    Hollie / Painted Wolfe

    1. It was on the same table as Harpy's Empriom so it may be the same company but the pieces are pretty different. If it ever comes back to me or someone else can let me know then I'll definetly let you know!


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